Cotija Cheese Substitute – Two Common Alternatives

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What is the best Cotija Cheese substitute? Find the answer by reading this article.

Cotija cheese is a Mexican dry grating cheese which is used for garnishing the dishes. It is a hard cow’s milk cheese which originated in Mexico. Known as the “Parmesan of Mexico”, Cotija cheese is like feta cheese when it’s made; fresh, white, and salty. But, it becomes hard and crumbly as time goes by.

In Mexico, this cheese is mixed directly into the recipe to enhance the flavor of certain dishes. But in U.S, it is popular used on pasta.

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The taste of Cotija Cheese is similar to Pecorino Romano, salty and sharp tang. It also doesn’t actually melt. Due to these characteristics, Cotija cheese is used for grating on soups, salads, casseroles, etc.

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Cotija Cheese Substitute Options

You can find this cheese on several physical stores near your home. But in case you have difficulty to find it, and you need some recommendations for substituting this cheese, here we have good options.

1. Anejo cheese (Mexican cheese)

This is a Mexican cheese which is made by aging the goat milk. But nowadays cow milk is being used for manufacturing the Anejo cheese. The cheese is rolled in paprika so that it gets its bricks red exterior and has a spicy flavor. The cheese has strong and salty flavor. This cheese is popularly used in grilled and baked food. It is also used in preparing burritos and tacos.

2. Feta cheese (Greek cheese)

It is the most popular Greek cheese. The cheese which is made in Macedonia, Central, and Mainland Greece, Lesvos etc are only known as feta cheese. This cheese is protected by the EU legislation. Feta cheese which is prepared in any places other than the above-mentioned it’s also known as White cheese.

The feta cheese is made by mixing two types of milk that consist of 30% of the unpasteurized goat milk and then mixed with sheep’s milk. The milk is also collected from specific pastures. The feta cheese is available in various flavors and varieties. It can also be made from cow milk, and the flavor of the cheese depends on the ingredients used and the process.

The cheese is famous for its less salty taste. It contains fewer holes in them. The feta cheese is known to be a bit dry but contains a lot of flavors in it. The flavor of this cheese changes according to its age of measuring.

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The feta cheese is generally stored in brine and is sold after 2 months of manufacturing. The cheese helps in providing flavors to salads, olive oil, Pizza, roasted peppers etc. This is all because of its salty flavor.

Final Words

These are some good alternatives that can be used to replace the cotija cheese. They will provide the same flavor to your dishes and let you enjoy your dish with a lot of flavors. So next time you need a good Cotija Cheese substitute, you don’t need to worry as you can choose one of the good alternatives like Feta or Anejo cheese.

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