How to Make Corn Souffle – An Easy Recipe

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Corn Souffle Recipe

Some people think that corn souffle is a salty version of pudding, but of course, it’s definitely different. Even it can’t be categorized as pudding, it’s more like macaroni casserole or such. However, instead of macaroni, it uses corn. If you craving for corn souffle, Today, we have a video about corn souffle recipe that we think have perfect texture and taste, Enjoy!

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Video Title: How to make corn souffle (soufflé de maïs)
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Alright, guys we going to start off the corn souffle recipe with just a little bit of oil, and I'm going to go ahead and add my pepper. And my onion, we gonna put much, you can put onion as much you wish, we have like half onion here.

So what I'm gonna do is saute, gonna put medium salt, my goodness that smells awesome, add a little water in like that just a little. What I will do, this is optional but out I like to use it to put that in. And like I said we're gonna let this saute once they're soft and I'll show you what I do next.

Alright, guys, it has been sauteing for about 2 minutes. They're nice and cook and so what I would do at this point is add milk. You can use whatever milk you would like, what I like to use heavy cream so I used 1 cup of heavy cream.

A Quick Stir

Okay, give it a quick stir like this. And now what I will do at this point is go ahead and put in a can of corn regular corn 1 can, and you're gonna also need a cream style sweet corn. So I'm gonna add that in as well.

Why I don't drain because obviously, you can't drain it blended. And we're gonna give this a nice stir like this, doesn't matter the order. Which you know which born you put first or all that other good stuff.

The next thing I will do is add at this point is cheese, you can use whatever cheese. I had this cheese here the Monterey Jack cheddar cheese, is what I had on hand. So I will go ahead and you going to go ahead and add in our bag like that shook with some parmesan in there. I like to taste some parmesan. Okay, we're gonna give that a quick stir like that, and at this point, you turn your stove off.


Next thing we're gonna do at this point is tasting, good already. I will add in 1 cup of cornmeal the fine cornmeal, they have this real thick grain, but this is the this is the fine one. I'll go ahead and stir it quickly so it won't get lumpy on. You stir that in like that and then the next thing we would do is add 1 egg and once we add the egg in. We're gonna stir it quickly because we don't want it to fry because this is still kinda hot.

Okay, we're gonna add the egg in like that. and also I will add in just a little bit of garlic salt, a little bit, like that, and Adobo. and guess what guys, I was able to find this one that says no MSG. So it's important that you look at your seasoning because the seasoning has that MSG. Now I'm looking out for the labels that do not have the MSG.

You could give the taste. I'm gonna go ahead and what I'll do is get some parmesan on. Oh, you don't have to add that to yours but I just like parmesan on. So I'm gonna just go ahead and drop just a few,  I just stir that in.

Alright, I'll show you what I do next. Alright, guys like I said it, I did add some more parmesan on cheese. Let's go ahead and pour it in this glass, do you see? the consistency is not too watery. Go ahead and pour it in our glass pan like this.

Put it in the oven at 350 Degrees

Okay, and I'm gonna put it in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes. And once it comes well, just before, I do that I do have left over a little bit of cheese.  I'm just gonna put it randomly, we're not gonna put too much cheese on the top there. And this is good and just like that and like I said, I'm gonna put in the oven for like 350, maybe about 25 to 30 minutes. Then I'll show you what it looks like.

Alright, guys here is the corn souffle recipe. it is hot, so I'm gonna go ahead and move it over to a cutting board. I was not able to cut into it because I was expecting guests over for dinner.
Alright, it is important that your table is set for your guests. Not only should the food taste good, but your table should also look nice.

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