Corn Flour Vs. Cornmeal

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Some of you might be interested in a discussion about Corn Flour Vs. Cornmeal as they are needed to make certain dishes.

You may have a recipe that calls for a mix of them, but you just find only cornmeal at your local grocery stores, not corn flour, or vice versa. So, you jump to the question, “Is it okay to use just one of them?” or “What is the difference between them?” If so, and you are curious about the two, you are on the right page. Keep reading and let’s find out.

corn flour vs. cornmeal

Corn Flour Vs. Cornmeal – What’s the Difference?

So, can you replace the requirement of a cornmeal with corn flour? Yes, it is possible to replace cornmeal with corn flour, but it doesn’t mean that both of them are similar. There are some basic differences between cornmeal and corn flour. We will describe each, one by one.

What is corn flour?

Corn flour is finely ground untreated corn. Compared to cornmeal, corn flour is ground to a much finer texture. Corn flour has different names in different places for example in Europe, it is also known as Maize starch and the British call it cornstarch.

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More about Corn Flour

  • Corn flour is made from the ground corn kernels of white, blue or yellow corn.
  • The making of the Corn Flour depends on the availability of the corn. The white Corn is very easily available in Africa whereas the US is popular for Yellow corn.
  • Corn flour is used in various dishes but is specially used for thickening of the sauces, stews, and blancmanges.
  • Corn flour must not be your first choice for broths or soups. It has a very strong taste of the food that you cook.
  • It is also advised that corn flour must be used accordingly as because of its strong taste it can ruin the dish.
  • Corn flour is very helpful for the people who have high blood pressure problems. As it is a very good source of sodium. One cup of corn flour contains 6 mg of sodium.
  • It also helps in good circulation of blood as it contains potassium and magnesium which has numerous advantages to the body. One cup of corn flour contains 300 mg of potassium. And one cup of yellow corn flour contains 100 mg of magnesium.

What is Cornmeal?

Just like corn flour, cornmeal is made from corn kernels. If corn flour has a fine texture, not so with cornmeal. Cornmeal has a sandy texture.

More about Cornmeal

  • There is a difference between the particle size of corn flour and corn meal. The particle size of corn flour is 200 micrometers whereas that of cornmeal is from 300 to 600 micrometers.
  • Cornmeal is generally used for making cakes bags etc. It is also used for adding flavor to various bread and to make it crunchy.
  • It can also be used for dusting the greased pan as it helps in preventing the bread from sticking on to the pan.
  • Cornmeal also contains various essential nutrients. It is filled with carbohydrates as it is a very good source of the nutrient. One cup of cornmeal contains 95 gram of carbohydrate.
  • Cornmeal is also well known for the huge amount of iron and fire that it contains. It contains all the necessary minerals required by our body.
  • It also contains Phosphorus which is also very beneficial for the human body. It helps in developing the cell membranes.

These are some of the differences between cornmeal and corn flour.

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Can Cornmeal be replaced with Corn Flour?

But still, people have a question such as: Can cornmeal be replaced with corn flour?  The answer is Yes, cornmeal can be replaced with corn flour in spite of various differences. Corn flour is best when you have less time for cooking as it is less dense. As it reduces your baking time by half.

There are many tricks to check whether your food is completely baked or not. You can use a toothpick to check the food by putting it into the dough. If the toothpick comes out clean then your are food is completely Baked.

Corn flour can be very easily used in place of cornmeal for example if a recipe requires 1/3 cup of cornmeal then you can very easily use 1/3 cup of corn flour. By using corn flour in place of cornmeal you can make your dish fluffier and lighter. You can also replace corn flour with cornmeal.

Although there are many differences between corn flour and cornmeal they can be interchanged with each other in various dishes. But it is necessary for you to check the quantity of cornmeal that you add to the dish.

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