Copper Chef Reviews – The Truth Behind The Innovative System

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Copper Chef Reviews – Copper Chef comes to the market as an innovative cooking solution for both amateurs and professional chefs. The new concept was created by Fusion Brands. It’s currently sold by Tri-Star Products and comes with a series of unique features. It’s advertised everywhere and already benefited from an immense amount of Copper Chef reviews.

Many of them are positive, yet there are some negative aspects as well. Just like for everything that seems to get popularity, you probably want to do your homework and know exactly what to expect before spending your money. So, what should you know about this system?

The Claims

Copper Chef comes with a series of claims that seem to make your life easier in the kitchen. Most importantly, it’s supposed to reduce the time needed to cook. Whether you cook for your family, large get-togethers or in a restaurant, you want to do it as quickly as possible. This system seems to cook your food in two times less than traditional cookware.

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On another note, some Copper Chef reviews talk about its versatility as well. Whether you want to upgrade your cookware or you just need a new system for your new kitchen, Copper Chef is able to replace up to 6 different pans. It will save lots of space in your kitchen, but it will also give you the possibility to push your cooking experience to a new level.

As if all these were not enough, its name is quite self-explanatory. You get a system based on copper, which is known as an amazing heat transmitter. Moreover, you can use the cookware anywhere, including an oven. After all, it’s said to be heat resistant to 850 degrees Fahrenheit, so it should be able to handle all kinds of recipes.

In terms of convenience and maintenance, it’s covered in ceramic. Ceramic ensures that food will never stick to it. From this point of view, your food will look great, while cleaning the cookware is a matter of seconds – some mild soap and a sponge.

Now, are these claims actually right? Will Copper Chef raise to the claims and expectations?

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  The Positives

Copper Chef comes as a 9-inch deep pan. It can roast a whole chicken, as long as it’s not a big one. The bottom features a stainless steel induction plate. It’s round and can work with any surface – gas, ceramic or electric. It even works with induction cooktops. The high heat resistance is clearly a plus, as many recipes imply starting on the cooktop and finishing in the oven.

The system features a solid handle, as well as a smaller one to help you lift heavy dishes without spilling food. Whether or not it can replace 6 pans, that’s up to you and your cooking needs. One thing is for sure – it will save some space. Generally speaking, you can use it as a pot, steamer, rice cooker, stock, baking dish, roasting pan and even wok.

The ceramic nonstick coating will raise to your expectations. It allows cooking without PFOA and PTFE substances, which tend to sneak into your food and body. It’s by far healthier than the classic Teflon. Also, the food doesn’t stick to it, while maintenance is, indeed, piece of cake. The system is also dishwasher safe, so you can just throw it into your machine and let it do its job.

Can Copper Chef cook your food two times faster than other cookware? It obviously depends on what you’re cooking, not to mention your previous cookware. If you used the cheapest pan that you can buy from any random store, it probably will. It’s not a general rule though, as it also depends on the food you prepare.

The multiple ceramic coatings will make the surface more durable. They also increase the resistance to scratches. It’s not an invincible material though. If you grab something metallic and sharp and you try to scratch it, you’ll do it. Therefore, such claims are correct if they also imply the right maintenance. Generally speaking, you should stick to manual washing only. It’s more uncomfortable, but it will protect your investment.

  The Negatives

While advertised to be copper infused, many Copper Chef reviews claim that no one can tell. It’s true – the pan does look like it’s made from copper. But was it just professionally painted? Even if it is real copper in its composition, how do you know the proportions? No one can tell and the manufacturer doesn’t make any specifications. Most commonly, copper is mixed with other materials for durability.

You can use any pan in the oven as long as it doesn’t have plastic parts. Most of them are not rated safe at 850 degrees Fahrenheit, like Copper Chef. The question is – is it really worth it? When exposed to such high temperatures, ceramic might release some unpleasant odors, but also cause flu-like symptoms and lose its properties. Basically, you’ll have to choose between versatility and durability.

How fast can Copper Chef cook your food? Hard to tell! It depends on what you’re cooking. Also, it depends on what you had before. If you used a cheap random pan and tried cooking sophisticated dishes, Copper Chef might actually do it two times faster.

But if you cook basic dishes and your previous set was decent, the difference won’t be so obvious. Plus, when you have a set, you can cook more dishes at the same time – not going to happen with Copper Chef. Last, but not least, the system must be washed and dried thoroughly as soon as you’re done. It’s a matter of durability.

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Copper Chef Reviews – Conclusion

Bottom line, it’s easy to tell why there are so many Copper Chef reviews out there. This model can and will add to your cooking experience. It does come with some interesting features and unique elements. However, it’s not as special as you might think – after all, it’s just a more versatile piece of cookware for your kitchen.

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