Cool Whip Vs. Whipped Cream: Is There a Major Difference?

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Cool Whip Vs. Whipped Cream – If you are a frequent user of different creams, you are likely to have a question as to whether to choose a whipped cream or something like Cool Whip for topping. The latter is something you usually get in a grocery store with a blue and white package. On the other hand, whipped cream is usually in an aerosol container.

While the Cool Whip is kept in the store’s freezer area, whipped cream is available in the dairy section. Well, this is a minor distinction between the two. Despite this, many of us believe that they both are interchangeable, as they are almost the same.

Cool Whip Vs. Whipped Cream

Well, the fact is that both are quite different items to consider. So, let’s look at Cool Whip vs. whipped cream.


Cool Whip is more than 50 years old and is widely preferred as a suitable alternative to natural cream that is beaten for obtaining the whipped cream. So, from the point of view of creating a successful recipe, any one of the two can be good.

However, both of them differ in terms of their constituents. Originally, the list of ingredients of Cool Whip did not have lactose or milk. However, it included casein that is extracted from milk. Nevertheless, the modern process of making Cool Whip seems to have modified this list. The current ingredients include sugar, which is not present in whipped cream sold in grocery stores.

The ingredients are hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fats), guar gums, high fructose corn syrup, water, light cream, beta-carotene, skim milk, sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), Polysorbate 60, natural and artificial flavors. Of these, the main ones are hydrogenated vegetable oils, water, and high fructose corn syrup.

On the other hand, whipping cream has fewer ingredients namely, cream and milk being the major ones. While this cream has more calories and fats than Cool Whip, the latter one is unhealthy as it contains trans fat. Whipping cream does not have this unhealthy fat.

whipped cream vs. cool whip

Whipped Cream

The damaging effect of this fat on the cardiovascular system is known. Thus, full-fat dairy cream having saturated fat but no oil seems to be a better option while concluding Cool Whip vs. whipped cream.

A better option would be to prepare your own whipped cream by using sugar and heavy cream. Doing so helps in discarding the additives and using limited sugar content.


Due to its significant thickness, Cool Whip holds itself well when placed on top of something. It is a better option than whipped cream when it comes to facing heat and settling at the room temperature.

On the other hand, whipped cream is creamy and less thick. It cannot withstand heat due to which it melts fast when put on hot chocolate. Thus, it is ideal for cold recipes.

In terms of taste, Cool Whip if used as an alternative does not give that tempting, natural taste of whipped cream. This is perhaps because of the artificial element present in it.


When considering a frozen whipped topping, many people use the two interchangeably. However, they have aspects that set them apart. Healthwise, whipped cream is the winner.

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