How to Cook London Broil in an Oven without Broiler Pan

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You may find it uneasy to find some solution like cooking London broil without using a broiler pan. People are unaware of cooking London broil methods, so they purchase expensive broiler pan which is not affordable for many. At times like this, it becomes necessary to look for steps and techniques which can make it easy for you to use substitutes.

how to cook London broil in an oven without broiler pan

London broil is considered to be top quality beef cut. They are soo much popular that the customers mostly purchase them. You can buy it for many purposes like making food or adding it to your food to make it delicious. You might be having a question as to “how to cook London broil in an oven without broiler pan?” let’s figure it out.

What are the alternative utensils to use for London broils?

  • Plastic or metal meat tongs – This is considered to be the best option for baking up London broil as using this method will make you feel same with broilers.
  • Meat temperature probe – It is best to look for safe temperature when baking it so you can get right texture and taste in it.
  • Paper towels – You can purchase it at a low price and use it for many applications other than the baking broiler. So, it is best to have it so you can get different features too.
  • A regular pan – You can use a regular pan for such process, but you should work according to its temperature and heating process as these are only safe for limited temperature. If you are baking it at less temperature, then it is best to use a regular pan.
  • Oven Grill rack – Another alternative for such purpose is oven grill rack. A grill is considered to be the best option not only for broil, but you can use it for any kitchen purpose. You get to save time with its excellent performance. There are many grills which come built-in with functions to draw out fumes and smoke from the kitchen quickly.

Look for the right seasoning

Seasonings are considered to be best to add taste to your food. If you are finding a way to make it more delicious, then it becomes necessary for you to add season to meat. You should see the quantity and type of seasoning you are using so you can make it more effective and safe. Flaked salt, medium size stake, and crushed black paper is considered to be best for seasoning meal. It is not necessary, based on your choice; you can add whatever you prefer.

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These are some of the solutions to your question “how to cook London broil in an oven without broiler pan?” If you are looking for other solution, then you will not be able to find it because these are some of the simplest ways to cook London broil without broiler. Further, if you can find some other solutions then, you will see that those methods are complicated. It is best to purchase broilers if you want to be safe or use above methods.

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