Comparing Plated Vs. Blue Apron: Are There Are Any Differences?

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Being able to order fresh ingredients and recipes on your home address is far from a new possibility. It has been with us for a few years and it is more than just popular. Obviously, there are plenty of different service providers. Here we will compare Plated vs. Blue Apron.

Plated vs. Blue Apron Comparison

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Obviously, the price of a service is one of the main factors to consider. Here we can see that Plated offers plans for 2, 3 and 4 people. For the 2 people, you are going to need $12. For 3 and 4 people plans, you are going to need $10.

Blue Apron is already known for the lowest prices out there. They offer 2-person plans for $11 and $9-10 plans for 3-4 people. Still, this isn’t a huge difference, but it is worthy of consideration and important if you are planning on becoming a regular user.

Food Possibilities

In this case scenario, the food variety of better said possibilities have the main role. Let’s start with Plated. They offer 20 different meals per week and you are free to choose anyone you like. In the case of Blue Apron, you are looking at 8 meals per week and only 4 if you choose a family plan. It is obvious that Plated offers more versatile possibilities and they are our main choice in this case.

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On the other hand, we must add that Blue Apron offers more wines and better desserts. We also liked the ability to purchase cookware from the sites which are partners to the Blue Apron, so discounts are more than just common and popular. Furthermore, they will even recommend you the best wines for the specific meal.

Additional Differences

All of you will appreciate the fact that both service providers offer impressive food quality. It is fresh and it is a real pleasure being able to use it. When it comes to food organization, Plated does a bit better job. They will organize and label everything. This isn’t something you can get from Blue Apron.

Both deliver food in carton boxes which are specifically designed for transporting food and they are easy to use and they are suitable for the job.

Using the website is relatively simple and you won’t have any problems here. We can even say that both service providers offer easy to use and fast navigation websites.

In addition, both service providers have apps which are more than just easy to use at the moment and mandatory, if we can add. We recommend you to try the apps and you will probably use them more than websites.

Bottom Line

Plated vs. Blue Apron battle is more than just complicated to explain. Basically, both of the companies are premium providers and both of them will get you anything you like. However, Plated offers a better service with more possibilities, which is also more expensive. Blue Apron offers more affordable rates, with a lower range of meals, but more wines and better desserts.

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