How to clean copper mugs

How to Clean Copper Mugs – 2 Simple Methods

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Do you know how to clean copper mugs? Copper mugs are no doubt very appealing as they are shiny and bright. But these mugs need the care to maintain its appealing look. If it is left unwashed for few days, then it will start losing its allure.

Mugs that are left unwashed can get tarnish effect, and the surface that once looks attractive to you will start getting discolored.  However, there is good news for you. You can clean it easily with some simple products that will help in regaining the lost glory of your copper nugs. Here are two cleaning techniques for copper mugs that will make them spanking-new-again.

How to Clean Copper Mugs – The Pantry Method

The pantry method includes the use of lemon and salt that have been known since old times for cleaning kitchen items. So, no doubt that they can use their magic on your copper mugs as well. For cleaning, cut the lemon in half and cover it with table salt.

Rub the salted piece of lemon onto the copper until it becomes shiny or tarnish is removed. Use more salt if needed. Once it is done, rinse the mug with warm water, then clean water and let it dry. Use the microfiber cloth for drying it as it will make it shine even more.

If the strain is tough and does not go off with it, you can use this method. Make a paste by mixing the juice of one full lemon with two tablespoons of salt. Apply this paste to the half piece of lemon that you have cut earlier and rubbed the areas. Let the paste sit for a while and then rinse it. Use the warm and clean water for rinsing and then dry it as mentioned above.

The pantry method is not a long-term solution for metal and copper products. The next quick and easy method is the long-term solution for your copper mugs.

How to Clean Copper Mugs – Quick-and-Easy Method

How to clean copper mugs using this method? The second method that is quick and easy is to use all-metal cleaner. You can try the cleaner to remove the tarnished copper quickly. Use the cleaner, rinse off with warm water, dry with a towel or a microfiber cloth and that’s it.

To get best results, wash the mugs and dry immediately after cleaning. If you have so many copper utensils, then clean them one by one instead of applying cleaner and washing all at once. However, even if you cannot do this then don’t worry all your copper utensils will still look shiner when you wash them together at the end.

Get a container of all metal cleaner instead of investing your time and money on other not so effective methods or leaving your mugs dull and blemished. If you don’t clean them time to time, then you will have to purchase them. But if you keep them clean this way you don’t have to buy new copper mugs, and you can use them for a long-term, and they will look like you have bought them just now.

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