Looking for a Chipotle Powder Substitute

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Chipotle Powder Substitute Options – The smoky chipotle powder is an important ingredient in different stews, homemade barbecue sauces, and many spicy dishes. While it is used in so many dishes, the ingredient is truly not the one that is usually available in your kitchen. This is more relevant to those who do not frequently make dishes that need this powder.

If this spice is not in your kitchen cabinet, you obviously would have to look for a chipotle powder substitute. Honestly, this substitute should match with the spicy powder in terms of distinct flavor and spicy taste. So, how do you find it? Here’s a quick aid for you!

chipotle powder substitute

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Choosing A Chipotle Powder Substitute

To find a closely matching alternative, it is essential to know some basic details of this powder. The chipotle powder is prepared using smoked and dried jalapenos. Thus, it has a distinct smokiness and spiciness typically experienced while consuming a traditional Mexican dish.

This powder is different from the typical chili powder that is made of ground chilies and other spices such as cumin, garlic, and oregano. It features fruit undertones and smoky heat due to which it is ideal for grilling and making barbecue sauces.

So, if you are preparing a recipe that needs chipotle powder, a proper chipotle powder substitute is required for obtaining an authentic-tasting outcome. Luckily, there are alternatives, which are easy to find. These are as follows:

#1. Smoked Paprika

This is a great chipotle powder substitute for those who do not mind losing some heat. Smoked paprika actually does not have the same heat level as of chipotle. However, the exact difference is dependent on the smoked paprika you choose.

No matter which smoked paprika you buy, you get the same earthy and smoked flavor. This is perhaps because both are prepared using smoked chilies. You can use this alternative in the ratio 1:1.

If you buy a general smoked paprika can from megastores, it is usually mild and prepared from pimento peppers. On the other hand, branded smoked hot paprika can be hotter than chipotle but may not be available in your area.

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As a tip, you can mix this substitute with cayenne to obtain the desired level of spiciness.

#2. Ancho Chili Powder

This ingredient shares a lot with chipotle powder. Prepared using Poblano peppers, Ancho powder has dried and powdered peppers without any other spice, just as the chipotle powder. Further, you can expect some smoky flavor, as a few of the chilies are smoked.

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However, this substitute is milder, as the chilies are milder than jalapenos. While considering it in place of chipotle powder, start by using it in the same amount as of chipotle powder. Then, as per the heat level required, you can keep adding it in small amounts.


These two chipotle powder substitutes resemble in terms of earthy taste and smoky flavor. While you may not get the exact level of spiciness, you surely enjoy the taste. It is recommended to choose any of the two options, based on the recipe to be prepared.

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