What’s A Good Chili Paste Substitute?

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Chili Paste Substitute – While there a lot of spicy ingredients one can add to their spicy dish, there are some people who would usually prefer chili paste. This condiment is commonly found in supermarkets, groceries, and some mini-stores, which makes it easy to acquire.

But if things don’t go the way you want it to be, and you instead find yourself having a hard time looking for your favorite chili paste, then having a few tricks up your sleeve is important, for instance acquiring a chili paste substitute.

Chili Paste Substitute – 5 Alternatives You Can Consider

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If you are looking for a good chili paste substitute, you can consider these five options. They are:

1. Exotic Variants

You may find some exotic variants of chili paste that are manufactured in different regions. Three of these exotic variants that are good chili paste substitutes are harissa, sambal oelek, and gochujang.

These chili condiments have similar compositions as chili paste with some slight variations such as the flavor. If you want to use them, just ensure that your chosen variant is compatible with your recipe. Amongst the three, sambal oelek is highly recommended as it comes close to the simplicity and nuances of a chili paste.

2. Hot Sauce

Hot sauce can be a good chili paste substitute, yet you must first consider your dish requirements. It is different from chili paste in terms of its consistency as this condiment is typically more smooth and fluid, which can affect the overall appearance of your dish.

So, you might want to add paprika to your recipe if you really do want to thicken it. Furthermore, most hot sauce contains heavy vinegar content which will also change the taste of your recipe. In this case, sriracha sauce is a finer chili paste substitute option since it only contains light vinegar.

3. Spicy Tomato Paste

You can use spicy tomato paste if you do not have any choice. This condiment is sort of a “last resort” chili paste substitute. Although it can do the job, you need to add other chili condiments to your recipe, such as chili powder, to achieve the spiciness of a chili paste.

Since both condiments are a paste, you can attain the texture you require for your spicy dish. Just remember that both condiments are completely different in taste since spicy tomato has a tangy flavor due to its tomato content while chili paste doesn’t.

4. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

If you really need a spicy alternative to your chili paste then crushed red pepper flakes will suit you. The only problem of this chili paste substitute is that it is extremely hot. Thus, if you only require a moderate level of spiciness, then you better choose another chili paste alternative.

5. DIY Red Pepper Paste

A much better replacement for chili paste is a DIY red pepper paste. Making this is just simple; you only need 1 tbsp. crushed red pepper flakes, 1 or 2 dashes of soy sauce, and 5 pinches of sugar. You can also replace the soy sauce and sugar with ketchup. This recipe will surely match the spiciness and texture of a chili paste.

Final Words

When choosing your chili paste substitute, one thing you must always prioritize is your needs and requirements. Each listed alternative will affect your dish in different ways such as the level of spiciness, flavor, and texture. The only thing you can do for now is picking a chili paste substitute that will best compliment your desired recipe.

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