Green Chicken Enchiladas Verde – A Healthy Mexican Food Alternative

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This easy chicken enchiladas verde recipe takes very little effort to prepare.

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Are you looking for a perfect delicious recipe for today dinner or lunch? Well, I'm gonna teach you how to make green Chicken Enchiladas Verde. Essentially those reasons here with me at least by selecting a mom.

All amigos welcome. I'm very happy to have you here cooking together this amazing Mexican chicken enchiladas Verde recipe. This is one of my grandma's favorite recipes but she usually cooks with a lot of fat and oil. Today we're making the healthy version of enchiladas sweet sauce so you know that actually, Mexican salsas can be something very healthy. They are full of tomatoes or green tomatoes or as we call them tomatillos and Chile's. That is a great source of vitamin C and potassium so let's make these enchiladas.


First of all, we're going to boil our tomatoes. Just get rid of the skin and just rinse them because sometimes it can be a little sticky and we're gonna point we're gonna put them inside some water they don't need anything else. Just some water, I'm not in here about this is about 6 tomatillos this is gonna be enough for about four-inch alavés.

I will say the right portion for a person will be two enchiladas. So I'm just gonna let them boil over here and I'm gonna teach you a little secret to have the perfect flavor.

Do you know the difference between chili Serrano and jalapeno calaboose or the chubby ones? The Serrano's are usually just a little larger and thinner the thing with surrounds is that they are a little spicier. They can give a different flavor to your sauce. So it doesn't matter you can use jalapeno if you don't want it to be that spicy. You can use Serrano but what is gonna make the difference given would you use Serrano. We are gonna toss them and we are also gonna toast the garlic. Believe me, this is gonna make a huge difference in the flavor of your sauce.


I just put my Tortilla here and what I'm doing is just pressing. So we can get them already done and very very roasted. We're gonna do the same with the garlic and know the skin begins to come out and this is how well chili you get.

The skin out but the flavor out your green tomatoes or tomatoes are going to take only like five minutes to be cooked well. If you already have the boiling water and what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna put them over here.


We are gonna blend them with some water from the tomatillos and you can also if you have some chicken broiled you can use it. We're gonna use about 1 cup of chicken broth and look at that I have the chicken broth.

Just use the water from there from the tomatillos I'm gonna add some Serrano. You wanna know if this is way too spicy I just got rid of the tail and you can smell it. You first smell the spicy just go with a little piece paste it. Not a little more if you can go spicier.

Now, this is all toasted. I love to leave the skin because it just looks so rustic on the salsa. Now also my garlic clove I'm gonna add some salt to taste there we go. We're gonna blend it. The next step is to boil our sound sauce or the flavors can come together you can taste it. That's all to taste and we are gonna warm up the 50s.

Look I have them over here I'm warming up my tortillas their original recipe data fry the tortillas. But we don't need all that fat in this recipe. We can make them actually something healthy full of vegetables without the fryer. I only boil for about one minute and this is ready.


Now I have my tortillas here. I warmed them up they are ready to go inside the salsa. So now I'm just gonna drown them over here. Also gonna put them over a plate and we're going to fill them with some glaze. So grated chicken doesn't matter if you want to go vegetarian just fill them with beans or with spinach or whatever is favorite for you.

Now I'm gonna just roll them as if they were about Rito. Because this is the way and I'm gonna add another tortilla there we go with this, amazing.


Now let's put the toppings on our chicken enchiladas verde. For the toppings, you can use some melty cheese I just crumbled cheese this is the Mexican queso fresco. That is actually a lower fat version of cheese and it's very tasty. I'm going to add some onion. Just cut it very thin I mean set onion.

On top of this, they usually use sour cream but we're gonna do something different. We're gonna do some low-fat yogurt to make it look like sour cream. Actually, it gives you kind of the sore cream taste without all the calories.

This is gonna give some calcium as well as there makes it flavor. So these are the Green Chicken Enchiladas Verde. This looks amazing I know it smells great. Let's see how it tastes. You know everybody's gonna love it.

Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed this amazing recipe. Let me know how it turned out at your casa. Thank you for being here and see you hopefully soon with more recipes.