Chemex Vs. French Press: Which Method Makes Better Coffee?

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You will want to get the best and the most delicious cup of coffee at any given moment. That’s why we must compare the Chemex vs. French press and tell you what coffee you will actually get. Here we will discuss all about the two methods, alongside their main features and advantages.


This is the first method which is also the first unit we have here. It was designed and made in 1941 by Peter J. Schlumbohm, Ph.D., a doctor of chemistry and it stayed almost the same ever since. This is one of the most appealing methods used nowadays and it is known for a great taste of the coffee you will definitely get every single time you use it.

chemex vs. french press

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The looks is great. This unit is made of glass and comes with a wood collar which can be decorated or which will come in different colors. Keep in mind that cleaning the unit is relatively simple and you won’t need more than a couple of minutes.

Now you will want to know how to use the unit in question. Simply pour water over the coffee grounds and wait for 30 seconds. After that, you will have to pour coffee into your favorite cup and you will enjoy. This method uses filters made of paper so they are disposable and they can be used only once. You get 100 units in the package, so you will be able to make 100 cups of coffee with each package.

French press works in the same way regardless of which model you get. It is definitely an appealing model to consider and it offers superb advantage regardless of the fact which type you have chosen. There are more expensive and more affordable units and you can get the one with a handle or without it.

The main aspects to keep in mind include the brewing time which is 4 minutes. You will have the absolute control over the brewing process and you can make tiny adjustment sat any given moment.

You will also need skills and some expertise in order to get the best cup of coffee. It is available in different sizes, so you can choose between 3, 6 and 8 cups of coffee capacity. In addition, this is a bit more expensive method.

We will also add that all models are made of stainless steel and all of them come with a collar. Don’t forget that the overall quality is impressive no less.

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French press

French press is the second method we will mention in our Chemex vs. French press comparison. It was developed by an Italian back in 1929 and it stayed the same until today. The main body is made of glass and the filter is made of stainless steel.

There are a lot of benefits and advantages you will get when it comes to the design and each one is more than just appealing. This method can be seen commonly in restaurants and hotels all over the world.

french press vs. drip coffee maker

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This method works in a simple way. You will add coffee grounds to the French press, pour hot water and wait a few seconds. After that, you will press the filter which will dissolve water from coffee grounds and you get a delicious cup of coffee. It is relatively simple, yet some skills are essential and needed.

For most of you, this method is the best and the most appealing due to the taste of the coffee. In addition, the French press is a nice touch to your home and it will look elegant and highly appealing in the lack of a better word.

Time needed for a cup of coffee is 5 minutes. French press is medium complicated to use and you have an absolute control over the brewing process. These items are available in different sizes, so you can get one which is 8, 16, 23 or 36 ounces.

As we have mentioned earlier, they are usually made out of glass and stainless steel, but some units are made of plastics as well. The price starts very low due to the overall simplicity of the unit in question. However, high-end French presses, also the vintage models may be extremely expensive.

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Chemex Vs. French Press – The final word

In our Chemex vs. French press comparison, you should understand a couple of things. The first one is that these methods are similar, but not identical. They are both old and traditional methods to brew coffee and they offer the most delicious and the best aroma there is.

There are some differences which we have mentioned above and they are massive. After all, you will be able to get the unit which is just great or perfect for your requirements and you will get a cup of coffee that is just perfect for you.

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