Chateaubriand Vs. Filet Mignon – Differences & Which One To Cook

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Differences between Chateaubriand vs. Filet Mignon can be tricky. The more people you ask, the more differences you’ll find. To some chefs, there are literally no differences, except for the thickness of the cut – Chateaubriand is thicker.

Chateaubriand vs. filet mignon

Chateaubriand – Photo Credit: Magnus Manske via Wikimedia

To some other cooks, the difference is in the way the grain runs. No matter what opinions you listen to, one thing is for sure – they do have even more similarities, especially as they both come from the tenderloin. The more you know about them, the easier it becomes to choose the right dish.

filet mignon vs Chateaubriand

Filet Mignon – Photo Credit: Northamerica1000 via Wikimedia

Differences between Chateaubriand Vs. Filet Mignon

The main difference is in the size. Chateaubriand is definitely a bigger cut. It can serve at least two people. On the other hand, Filet Mignon is portioned per person. It’s smaller because it’s supposed to cover one person only.

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Another major difference is in the methods to cook them. Chateaubriand is most commonly roasted in the oven. It’s usually covered in butter too. Once done, it’s sliced, covered with some sauce and ready to eat. It can also be grilled, yet most chefs refuse this option. As for Filet Mignon, it’s definitely more versatile and can be cooked in a series of different ways.

How to cook Chateaubriand Vs. Filet Mignon

Cooking Chateaubriand is definitely time-consuming. The cut is thicker, so it clearly takes more time to evenly cook through. To make it easier, it pays off to use a pan, then place it in the oven. Of course, it depends on how you like it cooked.

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Filet Mignon leaves room for imagination. You can even grill it if you feel like. However, it’s easier to just start it in a pan, then move it to the oven. Again, it’s up to you to decide how you like it. Given its smaller size, it doesn’t need too much time. If you choose this option, it barely needs 5 minutes in the oven.

Which one to use and when

Since Chateaubriand takes quite some time to cook, it may not be your best choice if you’re expecting some guests too soon. Plus, if you cook for more than two people, you better get ready to spend a few hours in the kitchen.

Filet Mignon is faster to cook and makes a better option if you’re pressured by time or you cook for plenty of people. That’s the main consideration to think about when not sure – your available time.

Think about who you cook for too. When you only cook for yourself, a Filet Mignon will do. If you have a partner, opt for Chateaubriand.

There is a general controversy about these two options, as more and more people claim that Chateaubriand and Filet Mignon may not be as flavorsome as other steaks though. Sure, Filet Mignons have lost some popularity over time, but they still represent a good option.

In the end, comparing Chateaubriand Vs. Filet Mignon is not hard, while the final answer should be based on nothing but your personal necessities.

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