Choosing a Celery Seed Substitute

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Celery Seed Substitute Options – Celery seeds are among the widely used herbs in the Mediterranean and European recipes perhaps due to its strong flavor. This flavor is much similar to celery leaves but is more potent. The seeds come with a powerful earthy taste. Thus, just a few celery seeds are enough to cook any recipe such as a bread, soup, and salad dressing.

If you use these seeds often, you are likely to be aware of its several benefits right from superb taste to preserving or marinating recipes to enhancing liver health. It is a fact that celery seeds are not widely used as celery in most recipes.

However, it is undeniable that celery seeds are used in many dishes. In many kitchens, no matter how sufficiently the herb is stored, it does not put away the risk of running out of the seeds when they are the most needed. In such a situation, it is obvious for the cook to go for a celery seed substitute.

Celery Seed Substitute – 3 Alternatives

At times, you may even not use these seeds as those who are going to eat do not simply like it. Regardless of what the reason may be, you may find a substitute in your kitchen only. Let’s check them out!

#1. Celery

Leaves or stalks both are considered as ideal substitutes, as the seeds themselves come from the plant that also gives stalks and leaves. It makes sense to use these other parts instead of the seeds. However, you need to know that the stalks are lighter than seeds in terms of flavor. Thus, it is important to use the quantity of stalks as per the desired level of flavor.

Consider chopping the stalks for soups, salads, and other cooked recipes that demand celery seeds. This is because such recipes soften and break them or else they can to very fibrous.

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On the other hand, consider using the finely chopped leaves in sauces and dressings, as they are richer in flavor than the leaves. It is recommended using six times more of these leaves or stalks than the seeds.

#2. Dill Seeds

In terms of appearance, dill seeds seem to differ from celery seeds. Dill seeds are expansive and flat but celery seeds are smaller and rectangular in shape. However, both of them share a strong similarity in terms of flavor.

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Thus, dill seeds are reliable when it comes to choosing a celery seed substitute. You can use it in several recipes including pickles. To get the same taste, just add the same quantity.

#3. Celery Powder

If you think that the seeds will be used up quickly in your kitchen, you can consider making celery powder out of them. Consider mixing some quantity in a grinder and you will obtain the powdered form. It is that easy to make it. The taste of this powder is pretty much that of the celery seeds although it may not be strong.


Most of these substitutes are easy to access and/or are readily available in the market. So now, there is no need to worry about a celery seed substitute.