Cauliflower Puree Recipe – Turn Your Cauliflower Into Silky Puree

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Cauliflower Puree Recipe – Cauliflower puree is creamy and comforting. Try it served with sausages, a warming casserole, and lamb shank.

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Title: Cauliflower Puree w/ Petrale Sole /Entree – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL

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I went up I am aware my booze. Thank you again for watching the real-deal Cooking Channel. I'm gonna make a simple recipe today but so good. I'm going to make a fantastic silky cauliflower puree and I'm going to serve it with a bit roll.

It's all simple on budget and very good for you. Look at this gorgeous cauliflower, it is one other thing that is healthy and so versatile it can be eaten raw branched roasted sauteed. Today I am going to turn this beautiful cauliflower into a stunning silky puree.

Cutting the Cauliflower

First I'm going to remove the outer leaves and you want to hold the cauliflower firmly against the cutting board. Then run a knife around the core and in the open up the cauliflower just like that. Then you continue until you get them all.

That's it and then you're gonna see the little freud's coming out. You can actually save some of it for the garnishing. It's gonna go along with our beautiful Romanesco cauliflower, then I'm going to slice thinly.

By doing so you are going to reduce the cooking time that's exactly what you want, why? Because the shorter the cooking time the taste here and I'm going to cook my cauliflower with milk. You can substitute regular me out for coconut milk.

Next, I'm going to cover my cauliflower with milk. I'm gonna add some salt always go easy with the seasoning at the beginning. You can always add more but you can't remove it right at last. I'm gonna have a little bit of pepper.

Next, I am going to bring this to a boil and cook to soften it, need it cooked very fast. This is exactly what I did I brought it to a boil then cover turn the heat off. Let it cook slowly for about 10 minutes. That's it so next, I'm going to puree the cauliflower.

Processing into Puree

You want to drain it first because when it is going to be running is going to release a more moisture. So you want to be careful at the beginning, not to add too much liquid you can always add more but you can't remove it.

We know how to make a super silky puree and that's very important you gotta use a powerful blender. When it's hot don't forget to open this up and put a towel on top, so then the steam goes out if it's sealed completely, you're gonna be in trouble.

Next, I'm going to add some bara it's totally up to you, You can use cream or bara. I prefer using bara because a good European-style bara smells. You don't have to add a lot but it just gives a great emotion.

So this is a personal choice some people like to use a heavy cream but I prefer to use bara. Because you use less butter and I think it tastes much better. It's like more concentrated then passed through a sieve for seasoning, if needed keep warm.

Blanching Cauliflower

Before heading to the fish let's blanch our Romanesco and cauliflower florets. Hook them in salty and boiling water for 30 seconds to keep them crispy or longer if desired you are more than welcome to.

Add lemon confit to this simple dish as well have some fresh herbs such as thyme or rosemary. A couple of crushed garlic cloves ready to go. Now the fish place the fillet skin side up using a sharp fine knife.

Make a clean cut lengthwise following the bloodline sides and remove it. Flip the first half of the fillet, Fold the tail tip and place the other half on the opposite way. Put the tail back on top to seal so you will end up with an even. The fake fillet nicer-looking portion and less likely to dry.


Let's cook it now in a hot pan drizzle some olive oil and coat the bottom with some salt. Then place the fish clean side down and cook for 3 minutes on medium high heat then flip and cook for 2 minutes more with the crushed garlic and herbs.

Turn the heat off and throw in some butter and baste the fish for 2 minutes more absolutely magnificent. If I can do it, you can do it. To get the full recipe go to prudence kitchenette.

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