What Do Capers Taste Like?

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Some of you perhaps have no clue about capers and have a question in mind “What do capers taste like?”. If so, you’re not alone since there are many people who don’t know about capers too. But if you are curious and this is the first time you heard about it, it is a good thing if you know the taste of the capers. This because there are certain dishes that contain capers, and you might not realize it.

what do capers taste like

So, What do capers taste like?

Capers are the pickled flower buds. The flower buds are not allowed to bloom and are kept in a jar where they are dried and packed in Salt. Due to this, you get that salty flavor in capers. Many people are confused about caper berries. They have many questions about its capabilities and whether their taste is same as that of capers. But in reality, the taste of caperberry is different from capers.

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Difference between caperberry and caper

  • Caper is generally plugged before they become mature flowers and are then kept in a jar of salt. But caperberry is a fruit that is produced when the flower is mature and it produces an olive-sized fruit and this is when caperberry ripes.
  • Capers are used in all types of dishes whether it is Greek, Spanish, Italian or French. Once it was only used in Mediterranean dishes for a very long period of time but as the transport facility evolved it became much easier to transport capers to the various parts of the world. Due to this, now it is being used in the American culinary as well.
  • Many people say that if you like green olives then you are very likely to like the taste of capers. But it is not true that capers taste exactly like Green Olive but you can compare the taste of both. The comparison is meant to be kept in mind as capers can easily be converted into green olives. So, if you are aware of the taste of green olives then you will not be surprised when you taste capers for the first. You can also use Green olives in place of capers in various dishes to give the similarity in their flavor and taste.

Capers have a lemony and herbal touch in it. As capers are kept in a jar full of salt, it gives them a salty and brainy touch.

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Something to know about Capers

Brined capers or salt-packed capers

  • Brined capers are very suitable if you want to preserve the caper for a long period of time. These Capers contain a lot of sharp flavors but if you are interested in getting the original taste of capers then you should choose the salt-packed capers.
  • The capers are not long lasting as the salt present in them absorbs all the moisture present in them. It is also advised to people that before adding capers to your dish you should check the salt present in it. And if you add a lot of capers to the dish then it may spoil its taste and flavor.
  • Capers can also be very well used to improve your recipe and add a new flavor to it. If you want to add a particular salty flavor to your dish then you should definitely consider this as a possibility.
  • There are many options such as; you can use capers in the sauce which you use while cooking chicken or fish.
  • Capers are also very well known to be served with seafood. You can also use caper in your salad. These were some of the things that will help you analyze the flavor of capers without even tasting it.
  • Capers can be used in order to add flavor to various dishes and it must be kept in mind that caper is generally very salty so the quantity of Caper that you add in the dish must be analyzed properly.

These are some of the things that you need to know about capers before tasting or adding them to your dish.

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