Canola Oil Vs Olive Oil – Which One Is Better For You

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Canola oil vs olive oil is a dilemma of many health-conscious people. Both are vegetable oils, both have their set of healthy features and both are very popular. What follows is an overview of both so that anyone can make an educated guess – which oil is better for him or her.

Canola Oil vs. Olive Oil Comparison

canola oil vs olive oil

Canola Oil

Historically looking, the health benefits of canola oils have been disputed for some time by many experts. Some think that it’s incredibly healthy while others sit on the other side of the spectrum, claiming the opposite.

In the early 70s, Canola oil was made from rapeseed plant. The oil extracted from this plant contained erucic acid. The thing with erucic acid is that holds a large number of toxins. Those toxins are known to cause a condition known as Keshan’s disease which is connected to fibrous lesions of the heart.

Due to that, later in the 70s, the manufacturers made a radical switch. Instead from rapeseed, they started extracting oil from canola seeds. The FDA did a thorough research and confirmed that canola oil extracted from canola seeds does not have any traces of erucic acid.

What the FDA also confirmed is that it has an abundance of omega 3 acid and reduces blood cholesterol. The omega 3 acids are very beneficial to the heart.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is made from olive fruits that are commonly found in the Mediterranean region. Among other health benefits, the olive oil reduces bad cholesterol in the blood on account of the good cholesterol. However, it contains more saturated fat than canola oil which is set at 6%.


Comparing both in order to determine which is better is not a simple thing. Both oils offer an equal set of health benefits, both can be consumed in regular with no side effects, and both carry valuable nutrients.

Canola oil contains the ever important omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that are very important to the heart, it’s almost tasteless which makes it perfect for cooking and baking, contains less saturated fat than olive oil, and is cheaper.

On the other hand, olive oil is an effective cholesterol killer, have strong anti-inflammatory Properties, and contains more antioxidants than canola oil. At the same time, it has a strong flavor and is a bit more expensive than canola oil.

Now, which one is better is somewhat of a perspective. That is who is asking, what’s the goal, and what the person is trying to accomplish. Both are great, but different people have different needs and conditions for which one is better on account of the other, and vice versa.

So, the winner of the canola oil vs. olive oil competition is no one. Canola oil wins in some categories, while olive oil in others.

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