can you freeze smoked salmon

Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon?

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Can you freeze smoked salmon? Do you know how to freeze it?

Whether you want to store the full sized salmon or freeze small pieces of it, whereby, you can store them for a period of six months. You can use it for any occasion within six months. Smoked salmon can easily be stored in the freezer for quite a long period of time. Its taste does not fade away, and you can still enjoy the yummy smoked salmon for few more days.

Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon? Yes, but..

Whether you have prepared it at home or purchased a pack of these, you can easily use them for a couple of weeks without it getting stale. Many know that fresh smoked salmon tastes well but what if you have too much of it to consume at a time. You have to store it in a fridge where it can remain fresh for few more days, but later you have to throw it. Don’t do that you should consider few things for freezing.

Repeated freezing and thawing considerations

The smoked salmon that you purchase from the market are already frozen for once. In this way, retailers keep their products fresh so that they can sale them. It is an economical way of storing them so that they don’t spoil easily. The one that you catch recently is the fresh one, but you again have to store or freeze them to preserve its freshness.

If you thaw and freeze it repeatedly, then the quality of meat will degrade. The inner water molecules of meat leave the meat in a bad state if you cut down the fibrous muscle strands. Freezing it, again and again, allows bacteria to grow which destroy the meat and leave it in a bad state.


If you keep the salmon in the plastic sheet without opening it, then it can last for two months in a refrigerator. If you open the pack, it can only last up to three days which means if you keep it more than three days then it will spoil, and bacteria will start growing. But freezing can solve the issue, and it can be used for more than a month. You can also preserve other leftover foods if you are going to use them later.

Other than freezing you can also use plastic bags or airtight containers to prevent air from reaching inside the bag, and the meat will have a longer life because of less oxidation. Salmon freeze in better than other meats without losing texture and taste. You can also keep the salmon in the original packing if it is not broken. In this way, you can also keep those foods which contain smoked salmon.


Thaw the freeze smoked salmon below 40°F. Don’t thaw it at room temperature or in warm water. If you do that, then it will lose its texture. If not done correctly then bacteria will grow.

Freeze it well to taste it for few more months. So, can you freeze smoked salmon? Yes, and now you know things to consider while freezing and thawing it.

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