Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

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Can You Freeze Cream Cheese? Cream cheese is a yummy ingredient to have on bakes items and dips. However, it is also a costly item. Thus, most of us may think of buying it in bulk quantities when there is some sale or coupon offer. In that case, the first question that would come to mind is how to store it. Well, the first option that would then strike is a refrigerator, as most dairy items are stored in it.

So, can you freeze cream cheese?

Well, it is yes! While it is possible to have it frozen, you need to know some facts about this storage method.

can you freeze cream cheese

Method to Freeze Cream Cheese

Consider freezing a cream cheese form whose fat content is more than usual. This is because non-fat or low-fat variations will not freeze well. This does not mean that you cannot freeze them. You can freeze them until you use them on a cooked recipe.

You start by putting the cream cheese in its actual pack or container. Now, use a freezer paper or plastic wrap to cover this pack or container and then put it inside a freezer bag.

In case of your plan to use the item as a dip or as icing, consider blending it with heavy or whipping cream before storing it inside a freezer. This will result in a bond between the fats of dairy and water due to which its soft texture is retained even inside the freezer.

Now, label it using a strong marker pen. This label should contain the date. Finally, place it on the freezer’s middle shelf so as to ensure an even temperature. You can store this cream cheese for 150 days in the freezer.

You can even thaw this dairy item overnight in the refrigerator. Then, using a whisk, stir the thawed item energetically so that there are no clumps. This also keeps the grainy texture at bay. You can even use a mixer to do so.

As an experiment, consider microwaving the cheese to retain its original consistency. To do so, you need to take intervals of 20-seconds while microwaving.

Final Words

It is simple to freeze cream cheese, which you then use in several recipes when it defrosts. While freezing it, a change occurs in its texture. Thus, the thawed version of this tasty ingredient is flakier and less creamy than its fresh form. As a result, it is ideal to use the frozen form in dips, baked recipes, and casseroles.

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