Can You Microwave Glass?

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Are you having this question “can you microwave glass?”. If so, then you are on the right page. Continue reading this article and you will get to know about the solution with some points.

You are purchasing a new microwave, but you don’t know its applications, then it is possible that you may have several doubts about its uses. It is possible that your friend will suggest you use the microwave without putting in containers made of materials like glass.

can you microwave glass

They may be right at some points as there are some types of glass which are for different application and it is best to consider some points before you use glass containers. There are chances that your glass container may explode.

So, Can You Microwave Glass?

Glass is a beautiful material made by the process of ordinary heating sand (mostly they are produced with the help of silicon dioxide). They are melted at about 1700c or mostly heated until they change their shape to liquid. These glasses naturally transform into a crystalline structure. This process is naturally done when it cools. They are like a stranger, who never set to solid, and they are like sort of frozen liquid, or mostly they are amorphous solid found by the scientists.

Glass is something which has great use in the modern world, and it is seen that day by day, everything is converting into a glass to give more fine applications to several regions. Now, you can see easily that glass has types and they are now specially designed to give some features and applications. They don’t alone give transparent nature, but they are inexpensive that anyone can afford them.

They are easy to shape, chemically inert as glass never reacts with others materials when putting inside it. Also, it has a great property with which you can recycle glass again and again, so it’s environmentally friendly. It is like you are changing waste into something which can be very important in fulfilling a  number of your needs.

Glass at most doesn’t affect microwave or food inside the microwave as they don’t leach chemicals as plastics do, but they are safe to the microwave. It is best to look if glass container you are going to use for your microwave is having microwave logo imprinted in most of the glass containers.

If your glass is not having any logo and is cheap with cheap fragile material and variety, then also it is not necessary that glass will break down which has fewer chances. There are chances that your glass is broken after you take you out as it cools down, but it is not possible that it will break inside the microwave.

Conclusions for using glass for microwave

It is best to watch out for the rimmed metal glass, fragile and lead glass, to not put it in the microwave. Metals most of the times result in sparking microwave, and they damage it. You should see that thin glasses don’t overheat as high temperature may shatter it.

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