Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese?

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Can you freeze Ricotta Cheese? If we answer in a sentence, then it would be “Yes! You can”. However, this is not it, as there are various things to be considered while freezing the cheese.

Cheeses have the power to make any recipe delicious, and when we talk about the ricotta cheese, then it is impossible not to have a watery mouth. It is best known for its taste in lasagna and pizza. The ricotta cheese is creamy and watery which also makes it best fit for the deserts too.

can you freeze ricotta cheese

The rich taste and texture of this cheese make it a little bit expensive, but it is all worth it!! As said above that the texture of this cheese is smooth and creamy, and this is the reason most of the people raise the question of its freezing ability. If you too want an answer to the question “can you freeze ricotta cheese” then here is all that you need to know.

What is Ricotta Cheese?

You might have tasted the delicious cheese many times before, but there are a lot of people who do not know much about it and cannot identify it. Therefore, before knowing more about the freezing of ricotta cheese here is some information about it. Technically, the term ricotta means cooked again, and therefore ricotta cheese is basically the leftover cheese.

It is formed from the watery and foamy substances produced during the production of mozzarella cheese. The leftover ingredients are then re-cooked and formed into a curd-like substance known as ricotta cheese. We can also say that this cheese looks very much like the cottage cheese having a much delicate consistency. It is because of the texture that makes it melt very fast and compliment best with pasta and lasagna.

How can you freeze Ricotta Cheese?

Freezing this cheese increases not only its shelf life but also preserves its taste. You can keep your cheese fresh for up to three months by freezing it.  Here are some of the tips that you must consider while freezing the ricotta cheese:

  • Take an airtight container and make sure that your container or the bag doesn’t contain air.
  • Tightly seal the container before putting it in the freezer if you wish to store it for more than a month
  • Make sure that you are keeping the container near the wall of the fridge because keeping it near the door can raise or low the temperature and the cheese may become sour.
  • Do not keep the cheese with extra whey in the container as it will make it sour and spoil its taste.

Freezing the ricotta cheese may bring a slight change in its texture as the curd and whey may separate during the freezing. This change is normal, and the cheese will be same as before once taken out from the freezer. You can thaw or blend the frozen cheese to get back its consistency and keep it out few hours before use.

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