Cabbage Vs. Lettuce: Exploring the Differences Between Them!

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Cabbage Vs. Lettuce – For those who are on a diet for reducing their calories, leafy veggies such as lettuce and cabbage are ideal choices. Both of them feature liberal portion sizes and have trivial amounts of calories to aid in fulfilling the goal of balanced weight. At the same time, both have good nutritional value due to rich fiber and vitamin contents.

Cabbage Vs. Lettuce

cabbage vs lettuce

While looking at both lettuce and cabbage, at first glance, anyone will conclude that both seem to be the same. After all, both of them are green in color and leafy in terms of outer structure. However, there are significant differences between the two.

Thus, it is not uncommon for most of us to look for cabbage vs lettuce. In terms of taste, nutrition, and even looks, both these veggies tend to differ significantly. Let’s check out how!

The Outer Look

Featuring a short stem, a cabbage has a bulb-shaped head. Apart from the green color, it is also available in red and purple varieties. While a cabbage is made up of layers of leaves, the external leaves are firmer than the internal ones. This is the reason why most of us consume the internal soft leaves and remove the external ones.

On the other hand, a lettuce also features a short stem but looks a single long stem due to the wrapping leaves around one another. The chlorophyll content is more in a lettuce than in a cabbage due to which the former appears greener.

The Nutritional Value

This is another major distinguishing factor when it comes to cabbage vs. lettuce. In terms of calories, lettuce is a better option than cabbage. This is because a lettuce contains around 14 calories, while a cabbage has 25 calories in 100 g.

However, for those who need a fiber-rich diet, cabbage is the winner. This is because it has double dietary fiber. This is the reason why it is also a better alternative used in salads. Further, both contain different quantities of vitamins.

Cabbages are richer in vitamin C than lettuces with almost 60% content as compared to 4% in lettuce. Further, cabbages also have vitamins B6 and B12, which are absent in lettuce. In terms of vitamins, cabbage is certainly a healthier option.

Water Content

Cabbages have less water content due to which their leaves are relatively hard to eat. On the other hand, lettuces have a higher water content.


Due to the almost similar appearance and leaves, it is assumed that even the taste of both these veggies would be the same. However, it is not so if you wish to distinguish between cabbage vs lettuce.

Due to less water content, cabbage is less crunchy and is consequently used as a boiled, sautéed, or as a steamed food item. On the other hand, lettuces are crunchier. Due to this, they are easily added to burgers and salads as crunchy layers.


When it comes to cabbage vs lettuce, your choice would be totally based upon what you want. If you need fiber, a lettuce is your choice. However, if you need more overall nutrition, a cabbage is the right choice to make due to the more nutrients it has.

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