How To Make Your Own Brown Rice Flour

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Need some Brown rice flour but having a tight budget? Why not make your own? It’s really simple. Just watch this video to see how it’s done.

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Title: How to make Brown Rice Flour for your Tapioca Bread

Duration: 04:13

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Hey, guys, I'm back with another video and I'm going to show you how to make brown rice flour, It's really easy. Now if you have a Vitamix or something equal to it that will really help you but you really need something that's going to grind those rice all the way down to a fine powder.


Now this one here I have brown rice looks like this here. I got this at Walmart they also have organic so if you're picky then just get organic. You're going to pay I believe it was like two dollars and eighty something cents.

This one here was a dollar thing 89 or 69 something like that I can't remember here's is the receipt. Thought the rice actually it was a dollar 38 at Walmart so you get two pounds.

Brown Rice Flour Process

You can start out by putting one cup okay and then just let it just grind down to a mere really fine powder and then sift it. Then that's why you know. Alright so let's go in the kitchen. All you do is take a measuring cup or you can just pour some at a time I like to just use a measuring cup.

Pour that in there I'm going to put my earpiece on because it's quite loud. Alright go ahead and start out low and then go ahead and put the high switch. Alright and that's all you do and there you have seen. Now I'm going to sift it all right now.

Just empty it through the strainer and then sift whatever is left this guard and this that looks. I'm just going to take and add to this here I just want to show you guys. Now you can store this in your refrigerator.


When you plan on using it, let it sit out on the counter you know room temperature. There you have it brown rice flour so simple. This is how it looks and you'll see it, you can make cookies muffin with this only.

Okay, there's other stuff I'm going to show you how to make an all-purpose flour. It's even self-rising flour too so I just wanted to come in and show you how to make brown rice flour is that easy. Alright, you guys see you the next video.