Broccoli Vs. Cauliflower: Which is More Nutritional?

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Broccoli Vs. Cauliflower – Both cauliflower and broccoli are cruciferous veggies sharing a few similarities. Apart from belonging to the same plant family species, both of them almost have the same look and have originated from the Mediterranean region. Both have florets of a different color.

Broccoli Vs. Cauliflower – Their Nutritional Value

So, have you ever thought of their nutritional value? Well, probably not, especially if you are among those who do not like them. As a fact, these cruciferous treats have comprehensive nutritional content although one is green and one is white.

broccoli vs. cauliflower

The goodness is deeper than their looks. While the nutritional content is good, it significantly varies between them. Knowing this will help in identifying the differences between broccoli vs. cauliflower and choosing a healthier option. So, let’s discover them!


Cauliflower is a reliable source of Vitamin C, as just one cup per day fulfills your daily requirement. It is also rich in Vitamin B9, Vitamin B6, and other Vitamin-B complex nutrients and Vitamin K. While Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B9 support metabolism, Vitamin K is essential for strong bones as well as a fit heart.

Even broccoli is a great source of these vitamins. However, it also has Vitamin A that is responsible for a healthy vision. While the two vitamins are there in both, broccoli has them in more quantities.

A single cup of broccoli fulfills the daily requirements for Vitamin C and K while meeting 11% of daily intake of Vitamin A. Further, broccoli is also rich in Vitamin E that facilitates healthy skin, brain, vision, and heart as well as keeps some types of cancer away.


Both these veggies are a powerhouse of minerals. They contain crucial minerals such as folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, and phosphorous.

Of the two, broccoli contains double calcium content per cup to give you 4.3% of daily intake. Even the iron, magnesium, and phosphorus contents are more than cauliflower. However, cauliflower has more zinc and manganese per cup. This is where cauliflower wins when it comes to broccoli vs. cauliflower.


56 g of protein daily is recommended for males, while for females, it is 46 g. However, the actual amount required is likely to change as per the activity level occurring on a daily basis, body complex, and age. These numbers are just for the sake of a baseline.

Even in terms of protein, broccoli wins, as it contains more protein than cauliflower. However, this difference is trivial. Although not a great source of protein, these veggies do have it naturally.


Even here broccoli wins due to more fiber content than cauliflower. One cup of broccoli fulfills 20% of your daily requirements.


This is low in both veggies due to which you can have them in your daily calorie-based diets. However, one cup of broccoli ends up giving more calories than a cup of cauliflower. If you add cheese sauce or butter, this number will certainly rise.


In terms of broccoli vs. cauliflower, the latter is behind in nutritional value. If you are on a strict weight loss diet, cauliflower is certainly a better option as even it has many macronutrients. Otherwise, broccoli with its strong nutrient punch is the winner.

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