Brita Vs. Pur: The Best Water Filtration System

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Brita vs. Pur Water Filtration System – It is mandatory to keep your health as great as possible and one of the most problematic issues is water contaminated with severe chemicals and bacteria. In order to get the best quality of water, you will have to choose the best water filtration system. Choose between Brita vs. Pur and you will definitely get it.

Brita Vs. Pur Comparison

Brita Water Filters

Brita water filters are some of the most popular products of this kind and they are more than just appealing to the users from all over the world. Their filtration system is one of the best on the planet and it will protect you from mercury, copper, chlorine and etc. Brita vs. Pur comparison isn’t as simple as you may believe, but there are a lot of facts we will mention and explain.

brita vs. pur - brita large pitcher filter

One of the advantages here is the design of the water filter. It is easy to use, it is ergonomic and it also comes with a small feature which tells you when the right time to replace the filter is. Let’s just say that the filtration capabilities are among the best we have ever seen.

The just mentioned filter can process up to 40 gallons of water and it should be replaced after 2 months (generic). As soon as you see the blinking light on the unit, replace the filter immediately. It is designed to capture as many chemicals and bacteria as possible all in order to provide you a healthy and odorless water.

The white container is BPA free and it is manufactured using the latest techniques and the latest technology. Furthermore, here we get an outstanding lid which is easy to use and makes the entire unit even more practical. Of course, the overall quality is better than usual, so users will get only the best type of product of this kind.

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Pur Water Filters

The Pur filters are different in the lack of a better word. Yes, they are NSF certified, so using them is safe as well. At the end of the day, between these two brands, the main difference is in the design. However, Pur also uses a different method to clean water and to provide you with fresh and clean water.

brita vs. pur - pur water dispenser filter

We know that it uses sophisticated methods to remove up to 16 different chemicals from the water, including copper, zinc and etc. In essence, this filter is more than just capable when it comes to removing the nasty chemicals from the water.

It actually operates in 2 stages. During the first stage, the filter will remove all the chemicals which affect the odor and taste of the water and 16 chemicals in total. During the second stage, it will remove bacteria. An impressive fact is that it will remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from the water. So yes, this filter will transfer safe water into a great and perfectly healthy water.

The amount of water a single filter can filter is 40 gallons or the same as in the first case scenario. The next main thing is in the fact you will get a filter which is easy to store in any fridge. It has been designed to fit in modern and slim refrigerators, which is definitely an advantage. At the same time, it is also designed to use as little as plastic as possible.

These filters come with a 90-day warranty and outstanding quality. When it comes to the design, we must say that it is different than in the first case scenario. It is more sophisticated, modern and more appealing to the users who want to have the latest items in their kitchen.

Brita Vs. Pur – Conclusion

So, in the end, we can summarize that in the Brita vs. Pur comparison both parties offer superb results when it comes to water filtration. Both of these models are made by the best names in the industry and they are based on the latest technologies.

As such, you get fresh water which is free of any chemical, bacteria or anything else which may have a negative effect on your health. It is up to you which model you prefer, but both of them will meet your expectations. So, choose freely.

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