Blendtec vs. Ninja: Which to Choose When

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Blendtec vs. Ninja – A blender has become an integral part of modern kitchens these days. So, deciding to purchase a blender is indispensable for many homemakers. However, the challenge lies in deciding the right model and brand due to a variety of manufacturers offering several models.

So, the best way to choose is to evaluate the pros and cons of these models. However, this is something that is not so straightforward with Blendtec and Ninja, the two esteemed brands offering great blenders. To make your selection process easy, here is a comparison between two of its popular models namely, Blendtec Total Classic and Ninja BL770.

Jars for Blending

Both the brands offer jars or containers that are composed of BPA-free plastic. Blendtec’s Total Classic comes with a 64-oz co-polyester Wildside jar having cold-forged blades although the marking level is only until 32 ounces.

On the other hand, Ninja’s BL770 comes with a dishwasher-safe 72-oz jar. It also includes a pitcher of the same capacity, two cups of 16 ounces with lids, and a bowl of 40 ounces. The latter has a dough blade for preparing a dough.

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While Ninja manuals allow utilizing the full capacity of its jars, Blendtec suggests using only half the jar volume.

Controls for Blending

The Ninja blender has three variable speeds, a pulse button, and touch buttons. The distinct 6-blade association ensures better blending, as there is no scope for scraping and stopping in between. The exception here is frozen and thicker blends.

Blendtec total Blender Classic

Blendtec Total Blender Classic

Product Details

On the other hand, the Blendtec model comes with programmed blending cycles that Ninja does not have. Through its chip regulated touch technology, just a button push triggers an automatic cycle of programmed blending.

You can select what is to be performed and then the speeds and cycle time are left for the blender to control. There is also a digital display allowing you to select a cycle and showing its status. This makes the Blendtec blender significantly simple to use. Just add the required blender base, add items, and push the top and button to run the desired cycle.

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When it comes to ease of use, Blendtec wins. Although with more safety features, the Ninja calls for some more effort and time to get used to it. For example, there is a locking handle on the lid but you need to align it precisely for safe operation prior to supplying power. Similarly, it is important for the jar to rotate and align precisely into place.


In terms of power, Blendtec is relatively more powerful with 1560 watts than the Ninja offering 1500 watts. However, as compared to other blenders, the power on offer is truly more. While the Ninja BL770 comes with only three-speed options, the Blendtec Classic comes with a maximum of 10-speed options. Even the RPMs of Blendtec is more.

Blendtec vs. ninja mega kitchen system

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770

Product Details

However, both the blenders work well when it comes to measuring the performance for common blending jobs such as ice crushing, preparing mixed drinks, and mixing fruits.

A unique capability of Blendtec here comes from its ‘one blade for all’ approach. This same blade can facilitate dry blending, hot cooking, and grain grinding. The Ninja models can neither make hot soups nor can grind grains.

The Blendtec blender is likely to tackle anything you put inside and gives a fully fluffy and smooth creation. However, the Ninja blender is more appropriate for smoothies. You can consider it for making fruit smoothies and drinks. However, some demanding chores such as making nut butter can be challenging with this model.

The Ninja blender shall strive hard to give a consistently smooth blend, which the Blendtec does not. The reason is its 6-blade design that prohibits the desired twists. Many times, you may have to stop the blender and mix the ingredients by pushing them from the blades.

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If you want to make a blend using some seeds or greens, the Ninja model may be unable to deliver it smoothly. However, the Blendtec will! In terms of noise, both are louder than other models in the market.

Blendtec vs. Ninja – Conclusion

Consider Blendtec if you are a tech buff who love smoothness in the desired blends and wish to make them regularly. Its blenders are also compact and come with a greater warranty period. For occasional use and those on a tight budget, Ninja is ideal.

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