Which Is The Best Zucchini Substitute?

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Best Zucchini Substitute – Zucchini is perhaps the most readily available squash in summer. It a popular vegetable across the globe and is commonly used in making noodles, sizzlers, and pasta. While readily available in summer, it is unavailable in the markets during winter. Thus, although being a perennial vegetable, zucchini is not available throughout the year.

At times, you may find that not enough quantity of zucchini is there in the kitchen for preparing the desired recipe. At this point, you will obviously go out to buy it. However, the probability is high for even the groceries and supermarkets to quickly add the Sold Out label to the zucchini section.

zucchini substitute

This is true even if it is a peak season. Thus, it may not be that easy to purchase this vegetable even in summer. In this situation, you will then consider a zucchini substitute.

Best Zucchini Substitute Options

Well, the question is that is there such a substitute? This is because zucchini is considered exotic. Well, the answer is yes even to those who have struggled to get a closely resembling substitute. This is because there are a few vegetables that tend to have similar texture and taste.

Let’s check some of these substitutes. You will be surprised that some of them are usually available in your kitchen for instant use.

#1. Yellow Squash

This vegetable is also a summer squash and matches zucchini closely in terms of texture as well as taste. You need to look for canary yellow crookneck squashes, as it is possible to use them just as zucchini.

You can use them straight away in any dish that calls for zucchini. It is also easy to slice these squashes and obtain the exact cut as zucchini in terms of shape. You may then cook the cut pieces using butter.

You may hesitate initially because of the bizarre taste of this squash. However, there is no need to hesitate, as the outcome is quite flavorful. Consider using these squashes in stir-fry recipes and the eaters are likely to become your admirers. This is because the superb taste that they cannot forget.

#2. Patty Pan

This is another summer squash to consider. In case you are unable to get yellow squashes, scalloped patty pans can be your best bet although they are not an ideal zucchini substitute. Still, many accept them for replacing zucchini due to their texture.

You can consider them for baking dishes that demand zucchini. Just make a layer of it on the dish and bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. The resulting flavor is just unimaginable.

#3. Cucumber  

This is perhaps the best zucchini substitute for many people. Well, that is because it is the favorite raw summer veggie of many foodies. This is obvious as cucumbers are juicy, fresh, and widely available vegetable.

Many cooks are of the opinion that cucumbers have a distinct taste, which is not similar to that of zucchini. Further, cucumbers are juicier than zucchini even if they are cooked and not eaten raw. Nevertheless, both these veggies resemble closely with each other in terms of texture apart from the look.

In short, it is fine to use cucumber for preparing the main dishes. You can even use it as a substitute for baking items and simmers. These are the recipes in which the texture and flavor of this alternative are just admirable.

#4. Pumpkin

This is another good alternative to zucchini in terms of texture and flavor. Although the flavor is not same, the dish you are preparing is likely to be awesome in terms of taste. In fact, for zucchini bread, pumpkin is perhaps the only well-known zucchini substitute.

#5. Eggplant

For most recipes, an eggplant is the most common alternative to zucchini. This is because of the same texture. As compared to zucchini, this vegetable is more flavorful. So, this is a bonus for cooks.

It should be noted that there are many eggplant varieties, each with some difference in taste. It is recommended using the Asian eggplants, as they closely resemble zucchini. Do not use the elongated eggplants, as they are likely to have a bit bitter taste.


When required, your kitchen shelf or refrigerator can furnish one or more of these zucchini substitute options. While they may not be an exact replacement, they shall never disappoint in terms of incredible taste. Further, all of them are commonly available as well as affordable.

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