best wood for smoking turkey

Best Wood for Smoking Turkey

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Best wood for smoking turkey – Smoking meat has several advantages. First of all, it will prolong the meat preservation duration, then it will make it taste so much better and it will allow you to use it in different meals. Of course, it is fun as well, but only if you know what you are doing. Smoking turkey meat isn’t the hardest choice, but it isn’t the easiest either. Here we will be focused on the best wood for smoking turkey.

First of all, you must know that smoking is a time-consuming and delicate process which will involve so much knowledge and expertise. If you are a beginner, look for some professional help or experiment all by yourself until you get impressive results.

The Best Wood for Smoking Turkey

Here is the main question of them all. Which type of wood you will want. The answer is always to use fruit trees. The explanation lies in their odor which is lighter than some other woods have. As such, they will guarantee you the best overall quality of the smoked meat and it will look great. Also, keep in mind that some wood is better than the other. We must say that in this case scenario, the best woods are apple and cherry. They have a great odor and aroma which will make your meat taste so much better than usual.

best wood for smoking turkey - types

Here we must point out that some wood types must be avoided or they should be avoided. For example, if you use wood which has a harder or stronger aroma than applewood, you will risk it that it will overcome the aroma of the meat, so basically when you eat that, meat, you will feel more wooden taste than the taste of the meat itself. Yes, this can be an advantage in some rare cases, but for most of you, limit your choice to apple, cherry, maple, oak, orange and etc. All of these woods will provide you great results and they can make a huge difference at the end of a day.

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Combination of two types of wood can be beneficial as well

Yes, it is possible to mix two or more types of wood when smoking a turkey. Here we have several facts which must be explained. First of all, never mix wood with a powerful taste with each other. They will simply overpower the aroma of the meat, so you will end up with nothing. We liked the taste which is obtained when you mix maple and plum. It is a string, yet it doesn’t have a negative effect on the meat.

Here there is no an easy answer. Basically, you will have to mix and match until you find a combination which makes the difference. Also, keep in mind that you will make a few mistakes, but at the end of a day, you will discover which woods are the best for smoking turkey when combined with another type of wood.

Types of wood which must be avoided

Basically, you will have to avoid pine, eucalyptus, redwood, elm, and cedar when smoking any type of meat, including turkey. These woods have a strong aroma and they will completely ruin your meat. After that, there is no point in going back! Also, keep in mind that they must not be used for starting a fire either. As we have explained, their flavor is too powerful for smoking purposes.

If you are trying some other type of wood which isn’t mentioned here, make sure that you smell it first. If the smell isn’t too powerful, you can use it. If it is, similar to the types of woods we have mentioned here, do not use it. In this case scenario, the best idea is to try with a small portion of meat. If you like the end taste, continue.

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So, we learned that the best wood for smoking turkey is apple, cherry and basically all fruit trees. At the same time, we learned that some woods can be mixed and that they will provide an excellent result. On the other hand, we have mentioned types of woods which must be avoided at all cost, regardless of the fact which type of meat you smoke right then.

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