Selecting the Best Whipped Cream Dispenser

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Best Whipped Cream Dispenser Reviews – Perhaps, no dessert seems to be complete without a whipped cream garnish. Similarly, no option is as healthy as a home-made whipped cream. Probably, the most convenient, easiest, and affordable way to do so is to use the best whipped cream dispenser.

Indeed, it is a reliable tool that can make and release whipped cream in just a few seconds. At the top, a siphon is responsible for emitting the cream in the desired pattern on a variety of delectable desserts, sauces, and mousses.

whipped cream

Crepes, hot chocolates, ice creams, and other desserts just cannot be served with a big blob of this cream. Although you can choose a mixer or a whisk for this task, the dispenser tool is more convenient as it does everything for you.

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Nitrous oxide occupies the cartridge inside, which is then emitted into a vacuum canister to whip the dispensing cream. Then, you simply reverse the siphon, choose a beautifying spout, and press the lever for a decorative mix. You can then leave the tool in the refrigerator for use for some more days. That’s simple it is!

Factors to Consider 

There are certain factors to consider for Selecting the Best Whipped-Cream Dispenser. Let’s check out the factors that make the selection process easier.


There is no single best size that suits all, as it is a matter of need. The most usual size is 1 pint, which is ideal for a beginner or for the ones who are unsure of the usage frequency. Pint-size models are capable of giving two liters of output from an input of half liter cream.

This quantity is enough to indulge your invitees. However, if you wish to use it commercially or do heavy-duty baking, a bigger dispenser is indispensable. For some, a dispenser of a half pint is also sufficient. So, you need to know your cooking requirements and guests at home who love a sweet tooth.

Build Material

This is an important factor to consider, as it helps in evaluating how robust or lasting a whipped cream dispenser is. Stainless steel or aluminum is the most preferred materials for this kitchen tool. For those who doubt aluminum, it is actually a visually appealing, lightweight, and strong option.

You may also find models with plastic caps and steel or aluminum bodies. There are even full plastic options but are more prone to harm. The only plus point of these models is that they are affordable.

Dispensers that have a mix of metal and plastic are medium-priced and perform decently. There is nothing wrong to have them but still, a full metallic body, especially of aluminum is an ideal choice.

Gas Cartridge

The nitrous oxide cartridge is usually sold separately. As one cartridge supports only a single charge, replacing it is indispensable. Thus, it is wise to choose a model that can accommodate a charger or cartridge of any brand.

Choosing such a dispenser will then not be obstructive in case you do not get a cartridge of a specific brand. You need to ensure that even the cheapest cartridge will work with it for long. It is recommended to see the technical specifications to know more related to the chosen dispenser. A few whippers even work with carbon dioxide cartridges due to which they tend to function as a soda maker.

Nozzle or Tip

While this is among the most critical factors to consider, many tend to overlook it. It is rational to choose a dispenser that comes with as many nozzles as possible.

This will prevent you from purchasing other nozzles later. It is wise to choose a model coming with a minimum of two different nozzles so that you can decorate well. Usually, there are three nozzle types such as tulip, star, and straight,


Some models come with a brush for removing the cream leftovers from the nozzle comfortably. Although having a brush is not mandatory, you can consider it for overcoming the requirement of buying a brush separately.


You should buy a cream whipper only if it is backed by a warranty period. Usually, a period of one to two years is considered good. However, nothing can match with the convenience of a lifetime warranty.

Best Whipped Cream Dispenser – Our Top Picks

Having the best whipped cream dispenser is important to lessen the hassle in preparing desserts. Listed in this article are some of the popular products you can consider, so read thoroughly and choose wisely!

#1. EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

This appealing 1-pint black whipper combines the whipping performance and lasting build with affordable price. It contains an aluminum body and reinforced and threaded head due to which it is more lasting than those with plastic heads.

eurkitchen best whipped cream dispenser

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The lighter aluminum makes it favorable for you to rely on the whipper for years to come, as it retains the cream’s texture for some days. This dispenser comes with three nozzles and a good quality brush. It is compatible with all nitrous oxide cartridges.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Recipe book and a brush included.
  • Durable.


  • Not dishwasher friendly.

#2. ICO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

This dispenser is from the brand that has the longest history of sales across the globe. The professional quality of this dispenser has given it a rank in top 30 by America’s Test Kitchen.

ico professional best whipped cream dispenser

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This 1-pint dispenser can give you a delectable cream lasting well for up to a fortnight. Some of its salient features are cartridge compatibility, TUV-authorized aluminum build, three nozzles, and a cartridge holder.


  • Easy clean.
  • Thick output.
  • Quick outcome.
  • Brush included.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Affordable.


  • Fragile cartridge holder.

#3. AmazeChef Whipped Cream Dispenser

This one is the best value model that comes with three steel nozzles to keep wear and tear at bay unlike the plastic ones and two brushes. The robust aluminum steel makes up the body as well as head so that there are no durability issues. The half-pint model is compatible with nitrous gas cartridges.

amazechef best whipped cream dispenser

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  • Easy to use and control.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Steel nozzles.
  • Two brushes (one small and big).
  • Durable.


  • Constant bristle washing.


In the end, we can say that EurKitchen is one of the best whipped cream dispenser models that worth to buy. However, there is no single whipped cream dispenser that is the best for all. Each one of us has own requirements and budget according to which a suitable model is selected. So, choose the one that fulfills these requirements.

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