Best Way To Reheat Chicken Wings: Different Methods Explained

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Best Way To Reheat Chicken Wings – How many of you like eating chicken wings? Probably all of you. This is a well-known fact and it is far from a public secret. What you must know is that chicken wings are delicious as soon as they are prepared but if they lose the temperature, they will lose the taste as well!

Reheating them using simple and common ways won’t be very helpful. That’s why we decided to help you by revealing the best way to reheat chicken wings.


best way to reheat chicken wings

Best Way To Reheat Chicken Wings – Oven Method

This is the first and for some of you the best way to reheat chicken wings. This process is more than just simple. All you are going to need is an oven, aluminum foil, and chicken wings. Of course, a baking pan is needed as well. Now you must follow the instructions:

  1. Preheat your oven exactly to 350 degrees.
  2. Remove chicken wings from a refrigerator and leave them on a kitchen countertop for 10 minutes. Do not skip this step.
  3. Place the aluminum foil on the baking pan.
  4. Place the chicken wings to the baking pan and set the oven to 15 minutes.
  5. Remove them when they reach golden and crisp color.
  6. Let them cool down for 5 minutes and eat them.

Try to remember that chicken wings of different sizes will be preheated at different time intervals. Smaller ones will be reheated quicker than bigger ones.

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Refrying them once again

As you may know, this is another and simple method you can use to reheat your chicken wings. All you are going to need are a frying pan and some oil. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Remove the chicken wings from the refrigerator and let them stay for 5 minutes.
  2. Add oil to the frying pan and place it on the heat.
  3. Slowly add chicken wings to the frying pan.
  4. Fry the chicken wings around 3 minutes and don’t forget to flip them over a few times. Once they receive golden and crispy look they are done.
  5. Let them cool down for a while.
  6. Enjoy

There are a few additional tips we will want to share with you. You can use tongs to flip them over. It is a much better alternative than using your fingers. Then, you can add paper towels to the frying pan in order to eliminate excess oil.

Using microwave

This is an interesting method. Most of you believe that when you reheat something in a microwave the original taste and flavor are lost. But, there is a method that can assist you. You will need paper towels, oil, baking tray, oven and a plate that can be used in a microwave.

  1. Preheat the oven precisely to 350 degrees.
  2. Add paper towels to the pan you are going to use in a microwave.
  3. Add chicken wings and then cover them with another layer of paper towels.
    Place the chicken wings in the microwave and make sure it is set to medium.
  4. Leave them in a microwave for two minutes.
  5. Pull them out and place them in an oven.
  6. Cook them one minute.
  7. Take them out and flip them over.
  8. Place them back in an oven and reheat them for 1 minute more.
  9. Enjoy.

This method is maybe more time consuming than others, but it provides the same result. After all, now you can use microwave to reheat chicken wings without losing their color and taste. Remember that you should pull them out from the microwave as soon as they reach gold color and crispy looks.

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How much time I have before chicken wings will go bad?

All of you want to make a dish and eat it whenever they want. Well, when it comes to chicken wings, the situation is slightly different. Once you are done with preparation, you will have two hours to consume them. Of course, this refers if they are left on the room temperature.

After two hours, they will go bad and you will have to throw them away. The reason for that is bacteria which will affect the chicken wings and make them non-usable. The best thing you can do is to place them in a refrigerator as soon as you are done with eating. That’s how you can consume them after a much longer period of time.


The best way to reheat chicken wings is here on our list. You can choose any of the mentioned methods and you will enjoy the result. We discovered ways that do not affect taste or flavor of chicken wings and they provide the same result as the wings were first cooked. Try and you shall see.

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