Finding the Best Water Filter Pitcher – Clean Drinking Water Every Day

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Best water filter pitcher – It is important to have clean drinking water every day. In-home filter systems are not recommended especially if you are just a renter. You may opt for water pitchers and dispensers since these are portable, simple and compact giving you an immediate solution for a cleaner drinking water.

Best Water Filter Pitcher – Top 3 Picks

Your concern would be which is the best water filter pitcher. We have reviewed three popular brands that we think will provide you clean drinking water every day.

#1. Brita 10 Cup Grand Water Filter Pitcher

best water filter pitcher

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Brita is one of the popular brands when it comes to water filter pitcher. This brand produces very efficient cartridges. Their filters are uniquely designed to get rid of most of the contaminants in your drinking water and it provides you a steady water flow.

This water filter pitcher makes use of a notification system where it gives you signals when it is time to change the filters. The signal is green but it turns to yellow once the filter cartridge reached its maximum capacity. When it turns red, you need to change the filter at once.

  • The pitcher can hold up to ten cups of water. Thus, you do not have to refill the pitcher several times during the day.
  • Impressive filters. The filter cartridges use different technologies to produce clean and great tasting drinking water.
  • With notification system that signals when is the best time to change the filters.

  • The lid is faulty, it is not well-designed. It tends to fall every time you use the pitcher so there is the risk of contaminating the filtered water or spillage.

#2. Zero Water Filter Pitcher

water filter pitcher zerowater

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This is the only water filter pitcher that has been NSF certified because of its capability in reducing lead as well as chromium present in drinking water. The water passes through a 5 stage filtration process to get rid of 99.6% of the solids dissolved in water. It makes use of BPA free plastic, this implies that there is no added danger it will seep into your drinking water from the plastic used.

The Zero Water filter pitcher is very easy to use since it has a one-handed spout that is effective on the push to dispense process. You can fill up your bottle easily using only one arm. It comes with a TDS meter which provides a clear digital recording so you will have an idea when to change the filter.

The filter features an Ion Exchange System that provides you a 000 PPM reading on the TDS meter. It is also the only filter that matches the definition of purified bottled water according to FDA.

  • NSF certified.
  • Pass through a 5-stage filtration process.
  • BPA free plastic.
  • One-handed spout
  • With TDS meter that indicates when to change the filter.

  • The water tastes or smells acidic after the first few weeks.

#3. Pur C600

water filter pitcher pur

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This water filter pitcher offers a healthy, delicious drinking water every day. It can remove 16 types of bad elements from the water like chlorine and its by-products, cadmium and zinc, and other sediments. The Pur C600 can also get rid of mercury and other bacterial cysts for a cleaner and healthier water.

Toxic substances are removed by passing into two stages: the first stage is the activated carbon filter that removes chlorine taste and odor, agricultural and industrial contaminants, residual sediments and chlorination and its by-products.

The second stage removes around 99.9% of bacterial cysts. The fluoride found in the water is not removed because it has many benefits to the human body.

  • Gets rid of 16 types of different contaminants in the water.
  • Can hold up to 10 cups of water.
  • Compact in size thus making it easy to store and hold.
  • It does not have any funny taste or odor.

  • Purifying the water takes longer.
  • The handle is located on an odd spot which makes it not ideal to carry the container.


Among the three best water filter pitcher products reviewed in this post, we find the Zero Water Filter Pitcher as the ideal product in filtering the water. With this pitcher, you don’t have to worry about having clean drinking water every day.

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