The Best Under Cabinet Can Opener – Exploring The Best Rated Products

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Best Under Cabinet Can Opener Reviews – An under cabinet can opener is one of the most useful and convenient tools you can have in your kitchen. For the longest time, opening a can of tuna or corned beef has been done with a can opener and although this used to be the most convenient option, it is still a manual way of doing the task which means that there can still be an area to improve on.

This is where the under cabinet can opener enters the picture. Being an automated tool that does the opening for you, an under cabinet can opener can offer you the same results but with more efficiency. These openers are conveniently placed under your cabinet and numerous variants of this tool have already been designed to look stylish and luxurious in your kitchen.

Best Under Cabinet Can Opener – Our Top 3 Picks

However, with the sheer number of choices you have for the best under cabinet can opener, the decision you need to make can be quite hard. Fortunately for you, a couple of openers stand above the rest.

#1. Black+Decker White

black decker white best under cabinet can opener

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Space-saving design

Manufactured and designed by Black+Decker, this specific model embodies the true use of under cabinet can openers which is to save space while at the same time being functional. This model has a compact design with an exposed can opener taking up the majority of the façade. On the upper left of the façade is the switch while the model also features a knife sharpener on its side.

Power-pierce blades

Opening a can is one thing but opening it precisely and safely is another. This model has power-pierce cutting blades that can easily cut cans but at the same time distorts the edges in a way that they can be safely handled and inflict lesser damages. Furthermore, these blades can be easily detached for cleaning.

Effective tool

What makes this model a candidate for the best under cabinet can opener is its compact design that does not sacrifice any functions. Even though it is small compared to other models, this one, at 10.1 x 6.4 x 4.3 inches and 2.2 pounds is still able to open big and tall cans with hands-free operation and an automatic shutoff.

  • Compact design and gets the job done reliably.
  • Opens big and tall cans.
  • Built-in knife sharpener and bottle opener.

  • Exposed can opener.
  • Less stylish as compared to others.

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black decker black best under cabinet can opener

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Stylish Design

With a swing open door, the CO100B is able to conceal its rugged and powerful design inside. This door swings down to expose all the great features in this under cabinet can opener. With the door closed, the CO100B looks very sleek and clean. The backside also conceals the power chord so you don’t have to worry about making space for it anymore.

Powerful and Versatile

Apart from being your automated can opener with automatic shutoff, the CO100B is also your bag cutter, bottle opener, and knife sharpener. As mentioned, all these features are conveniently housed inside the swing open door. Furthermore, this can opener features a pierce cutter that can quickly open your cans.


With all these features, you might think that the CO100B is a juggernaut in appearance. However, at 6.5 x 7.5 x 5 inches and at 1.12 pounds, this model is actually quite compact for its features.

  • Swing-open doors for a stylish looks.
  • Versatile tool with many features.
  • Automated features.

  • Not as easy to install.

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#3. Black & Decker Electric Can Opener

black decker electric best under cabinet can opener

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Latest design

This model features some of the latest design changes made by Black & Decker. A couple of these changes include the swing-open door to conceal its powerful tools for a better look when unused. At 8.4 x 8.2 x 3.4 inches and weighing at 3.22 pounds, this model is the biggest among the options you have here for the best under cabinet can opener.


Going into what’s inside the swing-open door, this model is a kitchen multi-tool that can be very useful to you. Apart from the state-of-the-art automated can opener with an automatic shutoff, it also features a knife sharpener, bag cutter, and a bottle opener.

Space Saver

Much like the other options, you have mentioned above, this model can also be installed under your cabinet for maximum space saving. The only difference for this one is that it is bigger which makes it a much more powerful option.

  • Bigger tool with more power.
  • Numerous features.
  • Swing-open door feature.

  • Hard to install.
  • A bit bulky.


These 3 choices are the ones that have stood above the rest with their certain mix of both functionality, compact and stylish designs. However, in the end, the choice for the best under cabinet can opener is still yours so be sure to be practical about it.

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