Best Tortilla Press – Comparison Between 3 Best Models

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Best Tortilla Press – The situation is very simple when it comes to tortillas. You need the best tortilla press in order to get the best results.

Best Tortilla Press – 3 Best-Selling Models

However there are a lot of models out there, so finding the best one may be a complicated task. That’s why we did a proper research and tested 3 best-selling models at the moment.

#1. Central Coast Woodworks – 8″ Hardwood Tortilla Press

tortilla press

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The best tortilla press is right here. This particular model is one of a kind at the moment and it looks like no other.

First and foremost, it is made of hardwood, red oak, and walnut. The choice of wood makes the press look more than just excellent and appealing for the future owners. We must add that the durability is an advantage as well. The press is well-made, so it will last for years, even with heavy-duty usages on your mind.

There are three different versions of the same model. You can choose a small tortilla press with a diameter of 8 inches, a medium, 10 inches and a large one with a diameter of 11.5 inches. All models are made in the same way and all of them look the same.

Don’t forget that the color may be slightly different. After all, each press is unique. Additionally, we may add that the presses offer a unique user experience and they are more than just desirable items in kitchens all over the globe.

  • Each press is one of a kind and unique.
  • They are made of high-quality hardwood.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Unique end result.

  • Three sizes only.
  • Price.

#2. Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

victoria tortilla press

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If we take a look at this press, we can see that it is completely different than the first model on our best tortilla press list. The press is made of cast iron and it is the same model that has been in production since 1986 in Columbia. Yes, now you can have a traditional and interesting tortilla press with a rich history.

Furthermore, the press is a genuine model which comes with all the elements the traditional presses had. Although, there are some improvements. According to the manufacturer, the presses come with an improved base and a handle. They are easier to use and they are even more durable.

Other facts we can mention include the low maintenance. All models are pre-seasoned before delivery so you don’t have to do that once you receive a package. In addition, each model is pre-seasoned with organic oil, so the overall health of the press usage is at the highest level possible.

The last but not least, the presses are paired with a limited lifetime warranty and they are extremely durable. The lever also comes with an additional screw which allows you versatile settings.

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Come with additional screw.
  • Traditional design.

  • Attention to details.
  • Heavy.

#3. Iron World Tortilla Press Pre-seasoned

best tortilla press

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The last model on our list is another, traditional tortilla press that comes beautifully made. It shares the design and the looks with the traditional presses that have been among us for centuries. The tested model is handcrafted from high-quality metals and it comes with a superb attention to details. The handle is massive, easy to use and it even looks great.

If we take into consideration the strength of the metals, the lifetime warranty and the attention to details we can see that this model is a wise investment. It is going to last for decades and it is going to stay 100% effective at all times.

This press has a size of 8 inches in diameter, which makes it an appealing choice for indoor and outdoor usages. The last fact we can reveal about it is the great package. You will get a glove and the recipes included in the package.

  • The overall value of the press.
  • Glove and recipes are included.
  • Easy to use handle.
  • Overall quality.

  • One size only.
  • Looks of the press.


Now you have the best tortilla press at your disposal and you are free to choose any model of the list. Our experience is obvious, but we must add that these three presses are different and each one comes with the best set of features and the usability.

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