Discover The Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine – What’s In Store For You?

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Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews – While most people rely on instant coffee for their morning dose, the truth is that nothing compares to a properly brewed coffee in a shop. That’s why you have another one later on and perhaps another one before heading home. How about preparing your own coffee at the same high-quality standards then? Easy said, easy done!

Top 3 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine Products

You don’t have to own a restaurant to buy the best super automatic espresso machine. In fact, these appliances are extremely popular for regular households too. They’re not as big as the professional ones, but compact and suitable to any kitchen. Now, what are the best-rated units on the market and what should you expect?

#1. Saeco HD8927/47 Picobaristo

Saeco’s best super automatic espresso machine is built to impress. While most machines can handle a few different varieties, this model can brew up to 11 of them. Sure, it depends on your creativity as well. Designed to feel professional and with a plethora of different features, it will most likely become a top addition to your kitchen.

saeco hd8927 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Versatile and Delicious

There are two things you want from a good espresso machine – the possibility to brew different varieties and a perfect taste. This model has both of them. It can brew 11 varieties – most of them featuring coffee and milk. You don’t have to be a barista to froth the milk though. It doesn’t have a steam wand, but you can just press a button and the machine will do it for you – even more convenient.

In terms of taste, there’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s easy to tell why. The grinders are entirely made of ceramic. As a direct consequence, they reduce the flavor waste to nothing. Your espresso will be strong and rich in taste.

Believe it or not, you’re free to adjust the aroma and strength too, not to mention the temperature. Whether you like strong or mild coffee, you have five different settings for the aroma, as well as ten settings for the grinder.

Durable and Good Looking

There are no doubts about the looks – this espresso machine looks great and will draw attention immediately. However, its performance is not to be overlooked either, while its durability is likely to surprise you. According to the manufacturer, you can brew up to 5,000 cups without having to descale it.

  • Sleek design.
  • Can brew 11 varieties.
  • Durable.
  • Adjustable strength and aroma.
  • Automatic frother.

  • Reservoirs are limited in size.
  • The tray requires frequent emptying.

#2. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

Designed to look great but without compromising on performance and quality, the best super automatic espresso machine from DeLonghi covers the whole checklist to be a successful flagship. It looks good, it has a series of features and some patented technologies, but it also carries DeLonghi’s quality standards in terms of customer service.

delonghi esam3300 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Convenient and Tasty

This machine is built to be easy to use. While controls look a bit sophisticated at first, you’ll understand what each of them does in no time. The rotary is simplistic, while the settings allow different programs.

Convenience goes further than that though. With just 17x13x18 inches in size, it’s slightly bigger than its competition. However, it’s lightweight and can go anywhere. You can even store it in a cabinet if your countertop space is limited.

Beans are ground on the spot, so your coffee will never be off. The taste is given by the professional grinder – conical and low-pitch. The grinding fineness is adjustable too.

Unique Features

The so-called cappuccino system in DeLonghi’s espresso machine is patented. It’s basically a sophisticated frother that mixes milk and steam for a thick, yet creamy froth. The instant grinder is also based on a patented technology. Beans are ground as you need them. It’s a matter of seconds. The grinder reduces the amounts of oil in your coffee without altering the taste. The bean container can take 8.8 ounces.

Other than that, the machine can take cups up to 4.25 inches in height.

  • Always fresh coffee.
  • Thick froth.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Less oil in coffee.
  • Adjustable grinding fineness.

  • Needs some time to get used to all the adjustments.
  • Setting the machine up can be tricky, yet DeLonghi provides phone support in real time.

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#3. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia’s espresso machine is an unusual mixture of residential sizing standards and professional settings. Basically, it’s designed for residential kitchens, so it’s small and compact. With all these, it borrows some features from professional machines that you can normally find in coffee shops only.

gaggia brera Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Friendly and Easy to Use

Even if this is the first time you use an espresso machine, you’ll get used to the operation within minutes. All trays and tanks are easy to remove, clean or refill. Maintenance is a piece of cake. The display leaves no room for interpretation either. You have push-button controls, as well as a small LCD display. Each control tells you what it does, so it’s a straightforward experience.

Versatile and Fast

Frothing is manual, so you’re in full control. The espresso machine has a steam wand. The same wand can be used to dispense hot water in case your coffee is too strong or you want a tea.

The machine heats up within seconds. It works with both ground coffee and coffee beans. Coffee beans are likely to maintain their freshness overtime because they’re grounded when you need them. All in all, it’s worth noting that the appliance is compatible with Brita filters too. As for the cup height, you can go between 3.25 and 4.5 inches.

  • Aerated and simplistic design.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Versatile frothing wand.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Programmable brewing.

  • Small water container.
  • The wand requires immediate cleaning.


In conclusion, the best super automatic espresso machine is a matter of personal preferences. Most of these machines can give you an aromatic espresso, but small features can make one model more convenient than others.

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