2018’s Best Stovetop Popcorn Models Tested and Reviewed

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Best Stovetop Popcorn Models – Popcorn is one of the many recipes anyone can make on a stovetop. All you need is a pot with a lid and you are good to go. However, if you do not want to sit around and watch your corn pop until the last one or if you do not have a glass lid, you might be excited to know you can get a stovetop popcorn machine.

This machine knows when the corn has stopped popping and can let you know when it is time to turn off the heat. This product ensures your popcorn will not burn and that you will always have warm, tasty popcorn. You can find the best stovetop popcorn machines even under 30$.

Top 3 Best Stovetop Popcorn Models

Are you having difficulty finding the best stovetop popcorn machines? If yes, don’t worry, we’ll help you by providing you a list of good products that are worth considering to buy.

#1. Red Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Popping Kit

The Wabash Valley is a family owned brand name that focuses mainly on producing popcorn. They proudly present the Whirley Pop Stovetop that will make perfect popcorn in three minutes and promises the customers that no popcorn will be burnt.

red whirley best stovetop popcorn

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Innovative stirring system

Considered as one of the best stovetop popcorn models on the market, the Whirley Pop offers some great features. This unit is made of stainless steel and features a crank that helps to stir the kernels around in the pot. The lid features quick release clips, which makes it easy to remove. The product has a patented stirring system that works by moving every kernel until it pops.

The machine is easy to use. You start by adding oil to the pan, then turning on the heat. Add the corn and close the lid. While keeping one hand on the handle, with the other you start turning the crank. By doing that, you move the kernels around, making sure each gets to pop and ensuring an even heat.

Wooden handle for extra protection

The wooden handle secures the popper’s position on the stove while you turn the crank. The handle also protects your hands from the heat while you move the machine from the stove. The Whirley Pop comes into two designs: one with metal clamps and one with nylon clamps. This machine is easy to clean. The manufacturers recommend wiping the machine with a paper towel after using it.

It comes with a popping kit including fresh yellow corn, salted butter, popping oil, and four disposable popcorn tubs. The kit will ensure six quarts of delicious popcorn. It also comes with a 25-year warranty for all mechanical parts and 90- day warranty on pan and wood parts.

  • Great design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fast and accurate cooking, kernels do not burn.
  • Stainless Steel formula.

  • Does not work with induction cooking surface.
  • Can be a bit heavy and require a bit of focus when dumping the popcorn.

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#2. Great Northern Popcorn

Great Northern Popcorn is a company established in the US, specializing in popcorn machines, hot dog rollers, snow cones, cotton candy machines and kegerators. They have been targeting both the home consumer and the commercial user.

Great Northern best stovetop popcorn

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Even cooking

Their home popcorn popper is a stainless steel machine with duplex heat pads for even cooking and real wood handles and knobs that make the machine easy to use. The machine features a unique spinner stirring mechanism to help even cooking and to prevent burning the kernels. The paddle is made of stainless steel, which ensures durability and resistance to high temperatures.

Not a popcorn wasted

The lid is also engineered to enhance the cooking experience – it is designed to help pour the popcorn easier and it is well vented for moisture release during the popping process. The bottom is made of an aluminum core and the clad of stainless steel. This means that no food will touch the aluminum, making this product safe to use for long periods, with no health concerns.

The popper can make 5 quarts of popcorn within minutes. This 17’’ x 10’’ x 8’’ popper weighs about two pounds, which ensures stability and ease of use. The machine is easy to clean. You just have to wipe the oily parts with a paper towel and store it in a secure place.

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Easy popcorn pour lid.
  • Wooden safety handle.
  • Steel paddles can withstand great temperatures.
  • You can use it for roast coffee beans.

  • Does not work on glass induction stovetops.
  • Cannot be used by left-handed individuals.
  • Reports of the paddle being too thin and not reaching the bottom of the pan, resulting in some burnt kernels in some user reviews.

#3. Franklin’s Original Whirley Pop

Franklin’s Gourmet is a Seattle established company that focuses on making popcorn and popcorn machines. They are constantly researching better ways of making popcorn.

franklins gourmet stovetop popcorn

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Healthier portions of the popcorn machine

The Franklin’s popper is a popcorn machine with an extra large 6 quarts aluminum kettle pan. The pan ensures an enhanced heat distribution and it is healthier to use than the stainless steel pans. This 11.6’’ x 7.7’’ x 16.6’’ popper is heavier than other poppers due to the aluminum kettle pan. It weighs 2.2 pounds.

Easy to use and clean

The product is engineered to prevent burning at all levels. The metal gear design and both the patented stirring mechanism come into play and work together to ensure maximum popping experience with no burning or sticking.

The wooden handle comes with a comfortable, polished design, which enhances the overall cooking experience. The machine is easy to clean and store. You simply wipe the oil off and store it until you use it again. The product has a lifetime warranty from Franklin’s. Franklin’s provides a free pack of Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn pre-measured corn to test with your new popper.

  • Quick to assemble and easy to use.
  • Faster than other stovetop popcorn poppers.
  • Great performance in cooking the kernels.
  • Durable.
  • Lifetime warranty.

  • Due to its thin structure, the popper needs more force to secure it in place while turning the crank.


Stovetop popcorn machines are a great invention to help us enjoy the movies experience whenever we like. The engineering is constantly improving to deliver us better popping experience. When looking for the best stovetop popcorn pot, you should ask yourself what material you want and what other features you might enjoy. You can easily see that you can find both aluminum and stainless steel pots, which deliver great performance and have different features.

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