Introducing the Best Smoker Thermometer – What Options Do You Have?

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Best Smoker Thermometer Reviews – Most people test the meat by touching it or just looking at it. That’s how they tell whether it’s cooked or not. No matter how experienced you are, that’s not necessarily your best bet. You’ll often end up with cooked meat on the outside and raw meat on the inside. Not only it will ruin your culinary experience, but you risk a terrible indigestion as well.

Top 4 Best Smoker Thermometer Models

At this point, finding the best smoker thermometer becomes your best choice. You want to make sure your meat is perfect before surprising your family or guests. Finding the best unit is not so hard either, as long as you do your homework.

#1. ThermoPro TP20 – Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro’s best smoker thermometer is designed to last. Therefore, it comes with a four-year warranty. The thermometer can be used out of the box. Just stick it into your food and check the temperature. It has dual probe monitors.

Best Smoker Thermometer thermopro tp20

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One of the probes is for the food temperature, while the other one is for the oven or grill temperature. You can check the temperature from 300 feet away, so you won’t have to leave your guests every few minutes to check the food.

No sync is required for the operation. The thermometer operates wirelessly and even comes with a backlight setting for low light conditions. If you are not sure about the optimal temperature, the thermometer has nine preset temperatures based on the type of meat you cook.

Obviously, you can adjust these temperatures, yet they’re set according to the USDA requirements. As for the maximum temperature, it can go up to 716 degrees Celsius.

  • Wireless connection for long distance checks.
  • Dual temperature check.
  • Rubber sleeve case.
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • Easy to use.

  • Must be pushed in quite deeply for a good display.
  • No low-temperature alarm.

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#2. Maverick Et-732 Remote BBQ Smoker Thermometer

The Et-732 smoker thermometer can monitor heat from 300 feet away, so you won’t have to excuse yourself all the time. The receiver connects wirelessly and comes with both audio and visual signals if the temperature goes over or under the programmed limit. It’s available in a few different colors and weighs more than other units in its segment – 14.7 ounces.

Best Smoker Thermometer maverick et-732

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The receiver can check temperature up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Although it’s less than some competitors, the range is more than enough for any type of meat. If there are no leaks around your smoker or oven and the temperature is kept under control, the receiver will display a count up or down timer for more precision. Cooking at night will raise no problems – the receiver is backlit.

  • Long distance use.
  • Alerts you if the temperature is not right.
  • Count down or up timer.
  • Alarm feature if the receiver is out of range.
  • Can be inserted 6 inches into the meat.

  • Probes are not waterproof.
  • Must be cleaned with a dry towel.

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#3. Lavatools Javelin PRO Digital Meat Thermometer

Available in six different colors, the best smoker thermometer from Lavatools is designed to be simple and basic. There are no fancy features, displays or patented technologies, but just a plain thermometer with one major purpose – to display the temperature of your food. The reading is accurate within a couple of seconds only, so you’ll know precisely how much more you have to cook it.

Best Smoker Thermometer lavatools javelin

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The display is backlit, so you can read the temperature in dark smokers and ovens too. It’s quite large – 2 inches – and only shows the temperature, so you can’t miss it. It rotates around the probe, which means it’s ambidextrous.

Despite its simplicity, it comes with a feature that some manufacturers have overlooked – IP65 splash resistance. Your probe won’t fail if it gets in touch with a little moisture. It has a stabilization alert, as well as a temperature hold setting.

  • Magnet for easy storage.
  • Fast reading.
  • Accurate.
  • Splash resistance.
  • Temperature hold.

  • Seems fragile, so it should be handled, opened and closed with caution.
  • The magnet is not so strong, so it's safer to store it in a drawer instead.

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#4. Buysevenside Wireless Meat Thermometer

This wireless meat thermometer is built with convenience in mind. There are five doneness modes, as well as eight meat types. Choose the right settings and stick to the requirements for a perfect result. The good news is that each preset can be reset based on your personal tastes. If you’re not sure, it’s better to just stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Best Smoker Thermometer buysevenside

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The probes are made from stainless steel. They are heat resistant and can easily withstand about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s more than enough for most smokers and ovens.

The wireless range goes up to 100 feet. Forget about keeping an eye on your food all the time, but hang out with your guests or watch TV. The receiver will get fresh data every few seconds, so you’re still in full control. The temperature is calculated within a couple of seconds due to the CMOS chip. Plus, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of accuracy.

The thermometer features an alarm to notify you when the food has reached the optimal temperature. It can beep based on the temperature or the time you set.

  • Wireless operation and constant updates.
  • Eight types of meat and five doneness settings.
  • Stainless steel probes.
  • 100 feet wireless range.
  • Accurate.

  • Fragile receiver.
  • Charger might fail if dropped too often.


Bottom line, you do have options when trying to find the best smoker thermometer. Going with a best seller gives you a feeling of security and the possibility to buy from a well-established manufacturer. It is, however, important to check each product individually and figure which one can match your necessities.

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