Finding The Best Smoked Salmon For You – Explore The Top Rated Ones

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Best Smoked Salmon – Smoked salmon is a type of salmon preparation that is considered as one of the most coveted delicacies in the world today. Smoked salmon typically uses fillet which is then cured and smoked, either hot or cold. Due to the rarity of salmon and the difficulty of the process that surrounds smoking, this delicacy is sold at a high price.

Salmon is overflowing with health benefits and its taste is just extraordinary. The combination of taste and benefits are the main reasons why the demand for this fish never stops. Salmons are rich in protein and smoking the fish converts it into a complete protein.

Apart from that, salmon is also a good source of fat and through the smoking process; this fat is converted or retained into beneficial ones such as the heart-healthy Omega-3. Finally, being a fish, salmon is rich in minerals but has highly considerable amounts of iron.

Best Smoked Salmon – Our Top Picks

With that said, finding the best smoked salmon out there is not an easy task. You have a lot of choices out there and frankly, not all of them are worth considering. So to help you with that, here are 4 of the best smoked salmon products you can buy online.

#1. Jet Set Sam

First up is Jet Set Sam’s Wild Caught Sockeye Cold Smoked Salmon. Jet Set Sam’s smoked salmon is caught off the coast of Canada and is mildly cured before cold smoking.

jet set sam best smoked salmon

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This product features a natural wood flavor and is thinly sliced to strategically lock in the flavor. Jet Set Sam is known for delivering high-quality Salmon products and their smoked Salmon is definitely something to get.

Sockeye Salmon off the Coast of British Columbia

The coast of British Columbia is known for its fine seafood catches and their Sockeye Salmon is no exception. This product prides itself as a wild catch which means that it is not made out of farmed salmon. Wild Salmons are much tastier and offer better texture as well as color. Furthermore, Salmons caught in this area are known to be leaner and feature lesser fats.

Thinly Sliced

Being thinly sliced, this product is good for making rolls and sandwiches perhaps. Furthermore, the slice angle of Jet Set Sam is not your typical slicing pattern as they intricately slice the Salmon to retain as much flavor instead of wasting them all on the chopping board.

  • Wild Salmon has more protein.
  • Thin slices are good for salads and sandwiches.

  • Due to its lean nature, you may not get a lot of Omega-3.

#2. New York’s Delicacy

Considered as the best smokehouse in the United States, New York’s Delicacy’s Smoked Salmon has been in the game for a long time already.

new york delicacy best smoked salmon

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With their small slices version which is thicker than your thin slices, New York Delicacy has brought innovation to salmon dishes. The brand prides itself on an all-natural flavor that lasts up to 12 months in storage.

Atlantic Salmon from the Chilean Patagonia

Every smokehouse has a spot in the world where they choose the Salmons that they work with. In the case of New York’s Delicacy, the Chilean Patagonia is the source for quality Atlantic Salmon. These are naturally grown Salmons which give out proper contents.

Traditional Scottish Brining

NYD starts their all-natural flavoring and smoking process with a delicate 12-hour brine which features the traditional Scottish recipe of sea salt, brown sugar, and herbs. New York’s Delicacy is one of the few remaining smokers who still use traditional brining methods.

  • Unique taste.
  • Right amounts of protein and fats.
  • Long shelf life.

  • Different slice patterns may need some getting used to.

#3. SeaBear Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon

SeaBear is also one of the most trusted brands when it comes to Salmon products. Their Alaskan Salmon is an instant classic that features a mild taste.

seabear best smoked salmon

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Their salmon has a light pink color that looks soft but is not really the case since it has one of the firmer textures

Alaskan Salmon

SeaBear makes use of the widely known Keta from the Pacific Northwest. This specific Salmon is world famous due to its abundance in the area. Furthermore, the taste of the Alaskan Salmon is somewhat synonymous already to Salmon dishes and combined with SeaBear’s extremely smoky taste, this one offers a kick you would not find anywhere else.

Mild Flavor

Even though its smoky flavor gives it a distinct taste, its overall flavor is still mild which then makes it very easy to pair with anything. Furthermore, this flavor also gives you a good room to get creative in the kitchen.

  • No refrigeration needed until opened.
  • Alder wood smoke gives it a good kick.

  • Can get tough easily.

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#4. Fairhaven Bay Alaska Smoked Salmon

The Smoked Salmon of Fairhaven Bay and SeaBear’s version of it are very much alike. With both products being Alaskan Salmon the only significant difference that the two has is their taste.

fairheaven bay best smoked salmon

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Both Fairhaven Bay and SeaBear have different tastes but both unique tastes are worthy enough to be trademark themselves.

Traditionally Wild Caught

Fairhaven Bay has been in the Salmon business for quite some time now and their catching methods and techniques have ensured customers already of fresh catches. Their traditional sustainable fishing practices that produce the freshest catch is their best bet in this fight for the best smoked salmon.

Deep Red Color and Moist Flesh

Even though they both catch the same kind of Salmon, Fairhaven Bay’s products differ in appearance when compared with SeaBear’s. The area that Fairhaven Bay has been fishing on simply produces more iron-rich fishes thus the red color. The skins of Fairhaven Bay Salmons are also relatively tougher thus the moist flesh.

  • Experienced makers.
  • Iron-rich Salmons.

  • Standard taste.


Jet Set Sam, New York’s Delicacy, SeaBear, and Fairhaven Bay are some of the best smoked salmon brands out there and their products really reflect that. However, the 5-star rating is only rightfully given to one and it is to Jet Set Sam.

From the raw Salmon to the smoking process, Jet Set Sam really separates itself in terms of quality. Its smoky flavor is just right to make it perfect for any dish that requires the delicacy while its lean nature ensures that you get to bite the meatiest Salmon you will ever get to bite. Jet Set Sam has really outdone themselves in this one and it is definitely something to try out.

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