Best Small Rice Cooker – Guide To Pick The Right One

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Best Small Rice Cooker Reviews – Rice cooker has become a very essential and useful appliance to most of the households. The modern rice cookers work with electricity and you don’t need to use your stove to cook rice. While you are too busy, it is easy for you to prepare your rice instantly.

The most interesting thing is that these cookers are versatile. In addition to cooking rice, the cooker is capable of steaming your vegetables. When you have a small family, you can invest in the best small rice cooker.

Best Small Rice Cooker – Top 3 Products

In this article, we’ve gathered the top 3 small rice cookers to help you in your decision making. What are they? Let’s check them out.

#1. Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

zojirushi nhs best small rice cooker

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Conventional style heating

It is really amusing to see how NHS-10 performs its function for heating up your ingredients to accomplish the cooking process very easily. You can find that there’re 2 separate parts of the cooker- inner and outer vessels. The manufacturer has also integrated a heating unit with this outer vessel.

This pot is positioned at the lower part, where you can find a connection of sensor and inner vessel. Zojirushi has used non-stick components for constructing the interior side of the cooker. Thus, after placing water and rice, its inner vessel gets heat. The sensor automatically turns off the system, while your rice is ready. Until you have opened your cooker, your rice will stay warm.


NHS-10 can cook brown and white rice. The best fact is that its steaming system has added more facilities. You will be able to steam vegetables or boil the meat and fishes. There will be no risk of the loss of nutrients.

Easy to clean

You may use just a soapy cloth and warm water to clean both the sides of this best small rice cooker.

Other features

The durable handle of the cooker does not become hot, and thus, you can touch it easily. Moreover, the steaming tray is made of stainless steel and it is easily removable. You can detach it from your cooker and clean it at any time.

The glass lid at the top helps you to see through the rice without opening the cooker. Since the cooker works with a detachable cord, you may store it at any place, while you are not using the cooker.

  • User-friendly cooker.
  • Automatic function.
  • Very simple menu.
  • Includes the essential accessories in the package.

  • Instructions must be better.
  • No LCD and timer.

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#2. Panasonic SR-3NA Automatic 1.5 Cup 

panasonic automatic best small rice cooker

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Size and design

You can choose it as the best small rice cooker, and it takes very limited space in your kitchen for storage. Most of the users love it for its compact design. In terms of design also, this Panasonic cooker is striking to the users.

However, like other cookers, it has also a glass lid that enables you in viewing at your food clearly. The lid is intended to retain the moisture, nutrients and heat. That’s why you can enjoy tastier rice. The handles are present on two sides that help you to move the cooker safely to any site. The cooking pan is detachable, and you may remove it for washing purpose.

Good heating mechanism

Panasonic has applied an impressive technology for the purpose of heating the rice uniformly. The system heats up its aluminum pan, and the manufacturer has chosen aluminum due to its faster heating capacity. You won’t find much amount of thermal waste with this system. The cooker consumes 200 Watts for its function. While your foods have become cold, the pan triggers its warming action.


You have to spend just some minutes for cleaning up the cooking. Due to the non-stick-finish of the pan, you can easily take the food crumbs out of the pan. The glass lid is also very simple to clean.

Cooking capability

By using this cooker, the users may try out various recipes of rice and other dishes, like soups and jambalaya. You may have cooked the rice in the morning, and like to eat it in the noon. The cooker system is designed for warming up your rice, and you can easily enjoy a plate of hot rice.

  • Fastest cooking ability.
  • Good in design.
  • Includes accessories, like steaming basket and cups for measuring rice.

  • The automatic shut-off system is not of high quality.

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#3. Aroma Simply Stainless 3-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

aroma housewares best small rice cooker

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We have included this product in our list as the best small rice cooker. The major part of the cooker is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel. The inner vessel is made of non-stick components. The interior side is free from BPA, and thus, you can consume the cooked food very easily. The aluminum-made pots do not cause any health risk.

At the front side, there are warm control buttons and indicator lights. The handle is comfortable to grip. The base of this cooker has air vents with three legs.

Easy usage

The tips, offered in the booklet, make your cooking process much simpler. You may prepare rice or chicken recipe with this cooker. After placing the pot, you have to cover the lid. Then, connect the cord and switch on the power. While your food is prepared, the light becomes red.

Thus, by pressing one simple button, you will be able to cook fluffy and tasty rice. Aroma Housewares has integrated the innovative technology to create the small rice cooker.


The weight of this rice cooker is 1.8kg. Take three cups of unprepared or uncooked rice and put it into your cooker. The families, having two to three members, can easily rely on this cooker.

  • Very simple control panel for all users.
  • The lid and the pot are washable very easily.
  • Reasonable price rate.
  • Durable and high-grade design.

  • Power cord- not retractable.
  • The measuring cup is very small.
  • No inclusion of any steamer tray in the package.


Thus, choose any of the above rice cookers and buy it for your use. We have chosen the products of the most known brands. Have a detailed look at all the features and make a deal. Our review will guide you to get the unique product.

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