Best Small Gas Grill – Comprehensive Review of The Reliable Systems

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Best small gas grill reviews – Nowadays, many of us look for the space-saving cooking unit. That is why lots of brands have designed small, compact grills for their consumers. You may not have a very big patio to place a large commercial-grade grill.

However, to have the taste of grilled foods, you can invest in the smaller systems. You have to check out the cooking space, available with the grates. The presence of lid, handles, and durability of the structure are the common factors to assess a grill.

Best Small Gas Grill – Our Top Picks

Although there are different fuel options, we think that gas grill is more preferable. Thus, we have chosen the most popular and the best small gas grill systems for you.

#1. Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

Best gas grills under 300 - Weber Q2200

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Weber has offered 280 sq in. of cooking space with its Q200 propane grill. It is slightly bigger than an averagely sized grill and is best for cooking foods of nine to ten people.

Design and material

It is a stainless-steel unit with a very high level of sturdiness. The cast iron grates are coated with porcelain. The body and the lid are made of cast aluminum. The lid design makes it easier for you to roast or grill chicken or other small birds.

Ignition system and valve

The system is integrated with an electronic ignition unit that helps you in triggering the mechanism very easily. For setting the burners’ heat, there are control valves.


On every hour, the grill can deal with 12,000 BTU, and it heats up the cooking surface consistently. You can use AAA type battery with this system.

Fuel tank

This is not included in the package. You have to buy a disposable cylinder (16.4 or 14.1 oz), filled with liquid propane.


The grill is compact and lightweight, and you can easily grip its handles. The side handles are also ergonomic. There are cradles at the rear and front side. While moving the grill, you can fold down the durable side tables.

  • Portable.
  • Good cooking space.
  • High-quality grates.
  • Grates become hot very fast.

  • Flimsy plastic parts.
  • Not for slow roasting.

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#2. Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill

cuisinart best small gas grill

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Cooking capability

You can get 145 sq. in of grilling surface. With 5500 BTU of heat, the system makes the grates ready to grill your foods.

Easy to carry

You can close the grill lid, and hold the briefcase-style handle to move the system to any place. The overall weight of this best small gas grill is 17 pounds.

Easy to clean

Due to regular use, the grill may become dirty. However, the drip trap is there to collect the food debris and grease. You can clean this tray with dishwasher. You can brush for cleaning the grill grates.


It is very easy to set up the sturdy telescoping stand within a few seconds. There are also plastic brackets for these legs.

  • Best for cooking foods of four to five people.
  • Designed to install anywhere.
  • Easy to store.
  • Usable as a free-standing unit or tabletop system.

  • Lid can pop up while moving the grill to any site.

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#3. Smoke Hollow 205

smoke hollow gas grill

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The grill grates present you with a cooking space of 205 sq. in. You can cook small to medium sized hamburgers. In addition to it, you will find 105 sq. In. warming rack, plated with chrome. These stainless steel wire grates are highly durable and good in quality.

Compact shape

You can lock the lid to make the system more compact. The legs of this best small gas grill are foldable, while the carry handle, at the front side, makes the system highly portable. You can store it easily or move it to any place.


The stainless steel burner of the grill works with 10, 000 BTU for heating up the grates.

  • Double walled grill lid for better retention of heat and insulation.
  • Detachable grease tray.
  • Secure latches of the lid.
  • Good hinge joints on all the legs.

  • Not acceptable in terms of temperature control.

Final Words

Thus, we have reviewed the best small gas grill models for your everyday use. The detailed features that we have presented will give you a clear idea about the products.

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