Best Single Cup Coffee Maker – Get The Detailed Information On Various Products

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Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews – Most of us love to start our day with a cup of hot and rich flavored coffee. However, the coffee enthusiasts always love to have their drink instantly without making much effort. That is why they invest in the high-quality coffee brewers.

It is not always essential to go to a reputed café to have your beverage. The modern coffee makers are designed to help you in brewing the tasty drink very easily. Most of these appliances are versatile, and you may also use them for preparing your tea.

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker – Top 4 Picks

Now, read our review of the best single cup coffee maker models, available in the market. Single cup coffee brewing is really a unique way to prepare coffee.

#1. Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

BUNN MCU best single cup coffee maker

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High-performance brewer

Bunn has given much importance to the performance level of its brewer. You can enjoy the most flavorful tea or coffee with the use of your tea bags, loose tea leaves, soft or grinded coffee and K-cups. You will surely get impressed with various options, offered by this coffee maker. Within one minute, you can prepare the beverage and sip this hot drink.

Space-saving appliance

BUNN MCU coffee brewer is slightly bigger than 16 by 9 inches model, and thus, this appliance does not cover much space on your countertop. For those, who have very limited space, this product is the right choice.

Serving size

Most of the single serve brewers mention the settings for particular cup size. For this system, you may pour water, which can range from 4 to 14 ounces. However, you can adjust this amount in your own way.

Easy to use

It is very simple to operate the brewer. You have to choose the drawer and add the major content. Then, pour some water to the upper reservoir. After that, you can hit the coffee brewing button. While you like to have a stronger flavor in the beverage, you can press the pulse option for delaying the process of extraction. After you have prepared the coffee, you have to clean the drawer for keeping up the hygiene.

  • Options for switching between tea, coffee or pods.
  • Sturdy system.
  • Temperature level-Consistent.
  • The drip tray is removable.

  • Water tank filling process is tedious.
  • Not good for tea preparation.

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#2. Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker

keurig k55 best single cup coffee maker

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User-friendly and aesthetic design

To prepare coffee within the shortest time, this system is the right choice. You should insert K-cup to this best single cup coffee maker. There will be no mess and no loss of coffee grounds.

The overall design is also highly pleasing and goes with every kitchen setting. It is made by combining the stainless steel and plastic. As the system uses k-cup, it can work with any type of K-Cup pods of teas or coffees.

Automatic Shut Off

The best single cup coffee maker includes a programmable system for automatic shut off. This appliance can get deactivated automatically, and you may watch your TV at that time for entertainment.

Temperature control

Iced drinks, coffees, and teas are prepared under various temperature levels. Keurig K55 offers you a range of options to regulate the temperature. Thus, adjust this temperature and have the authentic flavor from your beverage.

Quiet Brew

It is the latest technology, present in this coffee maker. From various reviews, we have found that this system is quieter than other similar appliances.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Reasonable price rate.
  • Reusable pods.

  • Noise is audible- It must be lower.

#3. Hamilton Beach (49976) Coffee Maker

hamilton beach single serve coffee maker

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Various brewing options

You have the choice of two different ways of brewing coffee. You can prepare a full pot with the use of your preferred coffee grounds on its carafe side. There is also a single-serving side, and that’s why it is called as the 2-in-1 brewer.

To choose the single-serve coffee maker, you may start brewing using K-Cup packs or without using it. You can use a needle for piercing the pack and for preventing the pack. Moreover, you have the opportunity to pick the strength of brewing coffee. It can be a regular strength or the bolder one.

Water reservoir

You can fill in the reservoir very easily and see through the window to know the amount of water, present in it.

Programmable and automatic systems

There is an integrated digital clock, and you can easily program it. You will be able to set the brewing time with the use of this system. You can use the automatic pause feature for the removal of carafe or for pouring the cup at the time of brewing. It is intended to prevent the dripping issue.

Cup Rest

This is another adjustable feature for fitting the coffee mug and for holding K-cup pack.

  • Different brewing intensities and strengths.
  • Good sized water reservoir.
  • Automatic shut off.
  • Easy to clean.

  • No leak-proof base.

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#4. Aicok Single Serve Programmable Coffee Maker

aicok single serve coffee maker

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Energy efficient

Brew your coffee without consuming much energy. K cup system can get deactivated automatically after the brewing process is over. While you have not used the system continuously for one hour, the system can shut down fully.

Brew Sizes

You can make coffee of various amounts, ranging from 4 oz to 12 oz. Hit a button for brewing a cup of hot coffee.

Good sized reservoir

The water reservoir capacity is 45oz, and it is a removable unit. You can brew more than six cups of coffee by filling it for one time. You can detach the reservoir and refill it very easily. The water tank is safe to use and free from BPA.

Quick Brew

This is a special technology, used for the coffee brewer. You can brew your drink very well without making noise.

  • Works with any K-Cup pod.
  • Removable water tank.
  • Does not use much energy.

  • Grounds, remaining in coffee.


Our guide will help you to purchase the right product and brew your coffee any time. Thus, pick any of the above coffee makers from our reviews. If you ask us, we will tell you that the best single cup coffee maker is BUNN MCU Coffee Brewer and we are confident to recommend it to you. However, the other three products are still worth to consider. So, do take your time, then choose one that fits your needs.

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