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Best Rated Kitchen Faucets – A high-quality faucet is always one of the essential accessories in your kitchen. Nowadays, lots of brands have launched technologically advanced faucets with several amazing features. You have the options of getting the water flow in different ways. By pressing one switch, you can activate the water flow.

Top 3 Best Rated Kitchen Faucets

We have tested the best rated kitchen faucets on the market, and have assessed their features to make your purchase very easy.

#1. Moen Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless Kitchen Faucet 

moen arbor motionsense best rated kitchen faucets

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Uniquely designed

The stainless finish with the Spot Resist features has offered a distinctive value to the faucet. This faucet is designed to prevent the water stains or fingerprints on the model. Your kitchen will retain its aesthetics due to this special feature. The height of the high arc pull-down faucet is 15.50”, while its deck thickness is 2.50”.

Simple installation

Moen has integrated Duralock Quick-Connect technology for the purpose of installation. You can fit the faucet within a short time without using any special tool. This Duralock system helps in securing the water line with a simple step.  Moreover, this faucet can fit any type of sink.  The single-hole mounting system does not create an intricate look in your modern countertop.

The long hose can return back automatically to the right position, and you won’t have to make much effort at the time of using it.

Advanced functionality

The presence of 2 sensors and the touchless system are the added advantages to the users. You just have to move your hands in activating the water flow. In addition to it, the pulldown wand of this faucet is capable of spraying water in two modes. Whether you are scrubbing anything or washing vegetables, the water flow options give you a chance of choosing the most comfortable one.

For your daily cleaning solution, you may switch on the aerated water stream. Another one is the rinse mode, which is highly powerful and working with PowerClean technology. For any heavy-duty usage, you may go for this one.

  • Stylish in design.
  • High-quality structure.
  • Simple to operate.
  • MotionSense technology - hands-free system.
  • Spray head swiveling 360º.
  • Flexible hose to reach the spray to every spot of the sink.

  • Some users are not familiar with MotionSense.

#2. Delta Essa Single-Handle Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet 9113-RB-DST

delta essa single handle best kitchen faucet

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Delta has offered a standard style faucet, available with different colors – Venetian bronze, arctic stainless, matte black, and chrome. It’s a euro designed faucet with elegant accents, and while you have installed it in your kitchen, it will surely turn out to be the focal point.

Easy installation process

You won’t have to call the professional plumbers to deal with your faucet, and thus, you will be able to save your money. The manufacturer has applied Diamond Seal Technology for designing this faucet. The ceramic disc is a diamond-embedded piece, and you will need to lubricate it.

Your sink may have one or three holes. However, the faucet fits all sinks easily. Since it is the one-piece system, you also have no risk of leakage. As one of the best rated kitchen faucets, it is long-lasting.

Versatile spray head

You can find water flow in two different ways. One of them is the simple stream of water that you can find in any faucet, while another one is the spray. Magnetic docking is another technology, used for the comfort of the user. The magnet, integrated to the system, helps in attaching the spray wand to the right place. While having the water, you can hold the wand and move it to any direction due to the longer hose.

Touch-Clean Spray Holes

In the ordinary products, you can find the accumulation of minerals. However, in this system, there are rubber-made spray holes, and you can wipe out the residue, present at that site.

  • Includes deck plate for optional use.
  • Get water stream or spray.
  • One-piece design, having no joint.
  • Mineral build-up removal is very easy.
  • The spout can swivel smoothly.

  • The angle of water flow is very close to the users.

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#3. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Commercial Kitchen Faucet

kraus kpf bolden kitchen faucet

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Stainless steel faucet

Kraus has offered one of the best rated kitchen faucets, and it is really different in look. The overall shape is very compact, and its height is 18 inches. You may place it easily below your kitchen cabinet.

The nylon made sprayer hose is also of very high quality, and this is smoothly retractable. You will be able to extend it up to 20”. Thus, at any spot of the sink, you can take the hose for cleaning purpose. The heavy-duty design of the faucet will serve you for several years. There is no use of lead for constructing this faucet.

Smartest handle

The handle design is also innovative, and you can rotate it to the forward direction up to 90 degrees. You will be able to install the system in the tightest space without any issue

Spray head and spray nozzle

The Sprayhead has the Dual-Function capability. There are two modes for water flow. You can easily choose to have potential water spray or the aerated stream. Rinse your utensils or vegetables with this flow. This is really a commercial grade kitchen faucet that you can find in lots of restaurants and hotels. Just press the switch for having the aerated stream. The water flow will cause no splash.

Similarly, the spray nozzle has another unique trait. For the removal of minerals and limescale, you will not have to apply any effort. The silicone spray nozzles are very soft, and you have to use your finger to clean it. This will help you to enjoy powerful water flow all the time.

  • Lead-free construction.
  • Easy to clean the nozzles.
  • Lengthy sprayer hole.
  • Elegant design.

  • Causes issues at the time of tightening the system.
  • The finish is not of high quality.


Choosing the best rated kitchen faucet shouldn’t be challenging. Thus, have a look at all the designs of different kitchen faucets. We have chosen the best rated kitchen faucets and reviewed them fully. As you can see, our first choice goes to MOEN Arbor Motionsense and we are happy to recommend it to you who are looking for a reliable kitchen faucet. However, the other two faucets are still worth to consider. So, do take your time, then choose one that you like or fits your requirements.

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