The Best Potatoes for Soup – A Hearty, Warm Soup for the Cold Weather

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Best Potatoes for Soup – During rainy days and winter, nothing can beat that steaming bowl of sweet potato soup that makes you wish you could cook and eat one all day long. But do you know that there are specific types of potatoes that are best for soup and there are some that are not?

Top 3 Best Potatoes for Soup

best potatoes for soup

There are over 200 varieties of potatoes around the globe, and each one is classified into their starch contents. Commonly there are waxy potatoes, floury potatoes, and all-purpose potatoes.

Waxy potatoes have low starch and high water content that make them ideal for steaming, boiling, and roasting. Floury potatoes have high starch and low water content which make them good for baking, mashing, and frying. Finally, the all-purpose potatoes contain a medium amount of starch and water and work well in most dishes.

In this article, we will discuss the three best potatoes for soup, and feel free to try each one for your own or researched recipes.

1. Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are classified under waxy potatoes. These are also known as new potatoes. Its low starch content and waxy, moist texture make it extremely perfect for boiling/stewing as it can keep its shape no matter how wet or hot their surrounding is and does not mess with the thickness of the soup.

Also, they are subtly sweet and have medium sugar content. This is recommended as one of the best potatoes for soup.

2. Yukon Gold

The Yukon gold is categorized under the all-purpose potatoes. They are slightly waxy in content and have moist and velvety texture. These types of potatoes are subtly sweet and have rich, buttery flavor. Also, they have a medium sugar content.

As it is somewhere in-between waxy and starchy, this potato makes it perfect not only for boiling/stewing but also for frying and mashing. Just always remember to never overcooked Yukon gold as they will fall apart.

3. Russet Potatoes

The russet potatoes are classified under the floury potatoes. They are high in starch content and low in water content with a slight earthy taste. They are most suitable for mashing, baking, and frying and are not the best potatoes for soup as they can’t keep their shape very well when boiled/stewed.

This is due to their ability to absorb lots of water. Using russet potatoes will thicken the soup quickly, making it creamier. However, ironically, russet potatoes are constantly used for many potato soup recipes. Some households even dub russet potatoes as the perfect or best potato for soup.


Overall, no matter which one you use for boiling/stewing, it will still benefit you in terms of health. Other than this, to know the best potatoes for soup, you can try all three before deciding the winning candidate. You can also search for other types of potato as they are still a lot. Indulge in this comfort food, and make the best potato soup for you and your loved ones.

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