Best Pellet Grill: Rec Tec Vs. Traeger

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There are two main brands you should consider when it comes to pellet grill. Rec Tec vs. Traeger comparison is more than just important in order to help you with making the right choice. Yes, both of these brands make high-end grills, but they are far from same.

Rec Tec vs. Traeger – What’s the difference?

Rec Tec

This is one of the latest brands in the business. They have been among us since 2011 and they are known for using smart technology. Basically, you will get the latest features and plenty of sophisticated elements. The smart technology also allows for you to get accurate temperature adjustment advantage. The ideal temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit is obviously supported, but there are some models which can reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the latest systems allow you temperature adjustment within 5 degrees of accuracy.

rec tec vs. traeger grill

Keep in mind that here you won’t have a lot of choices. Basically, you have only two grills to choose from. The first one is smaller and it offers 320 square inches of grilling space, while the second one is bigger and it offers 702 square inches of grilling space. So, if you are looking for something in between or something more specific, you won’t find it at this company.

Customer support isn’t great here either. It is still in development as we were able to tell, so you won’t appreciate it. Yes, you get a money back guarantee but it is 30 days only. A good thing is the fact that these grills are well-made and they are durable, so chances are low that you will have to use a customer support or money-back guarantee.

So, if you are looking for the best, smart technology among grills, Rec Tec is the best option. In the Rec Tec vs. Traeger duel, it is specifically better when it comes to the latest technologies. Also, the design is more modern and more sophisticated, which is something you are going to appreciate a lot.


This brand is one of the older and best-known manufacturers when it comes to the grills. Of course, they make great models and they are more than just appreciated by all of you who are looking for a great grill. The first thing to remember is that yes, they also offer 400 degrees Fahrenheit of ideal temperature, but there are no units which can reach 500 degrees!

rec tec vs traeger grill - pellet smoker

These models come in all sizes and all shapes, so you are free to choose the model you like the most. Keep in mind that there are more than 20 different models compared to 2 in the first case scenario! All models come with great customer support and 45-day money back guarantee, which is better than with Rec Tec. We should point out that the customer support is one of the best in the business! In these terms, Traeger is better than Rec Tec.

Of course, a well-known fact and the main reason why this brand is so popular is the digital control system which is located on the lid. It is easy to use, beneficial and it makes a real difference.

In the end, we must add that Traeger grills are optimized for backyard usages, where a massive and functional grill is mandatory. We also must add the fact that these grills are not great for usages on remote locations. After all, the type of Rec Tec vs. Traeger users is quite different. Of course, there are models which are small and compact, but they are still optimized for use in the backyard or at home. They are not something you will want to carry while traveling.

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Rec Tec vs. Traeger – Conclusion

At the end, which is better, Rec Tec vs. Traeger? It is difficult to reveal the real winner because these two brands make different grills. The Rec Tec is great in offering the latest and the most sophisticated grills, which are accurate in maintaining the temperature, offer great design and modern advantages.

Yes, their customer support and the fact you can show between 2 different models is a drawback. The second rival, Traeger is better when it comes to the simple grills, designed to be used in the backyard. They are easy to use, well-made and they come in different sizes and with different features.

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