Top 5 Best Paleo Cookbooks Exposed – What Can You Find Inside?

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Best Paleo Cookbooks – While you can literally find millions of recipes over the Internet, it’s no surprise why cookbooks are so popular. You don’t want to run back and forth between your computer and kitchen to prepare a recipe.

Instead, set up a small shelf in the kitchen and keep your top books there for immediate inspiration. Finding the best paleo cookbooks is not so hard, as the diet is quite popular. However, there are so many of them that you barely know what to choose.

best paleo cookbooks

Top 5 Best Paleo Cookbooks

Some paleo books are better rated than others, mostly because they’re written by reputable authors with a proven experience in this field. So, what are your top choices?

#1. Danielle Walker’s Eat What You Love

As a New York Times bestselling author, Danielle Walker has put together a list of 125 recipes for cooking enthusiasts running out of inspiration. This is the kind of book you’ll open up every single day for tasty recipes – nothing fancy or sophisticated, but basic, yet tasty recipes.

The book features 30-minute recipes that can be cooked in a pot, slow cooker or even a pan, as well as a make-ahead choice for those who plan their meals in the smallest details. The author has included a four-week plan based on the three major meals of the day as well.

Other than that, you have dietary classifications for all kinds of dishes or diets, not to mention the packed lunch chart for school or work.

#2. The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook

Written by proven author Coco Morante, The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook has become an instant hit overnight. There are 176 pages worth of recipes, making this hardcover one of the best paleo cookbooks to have in the kitchen.

Some of the main sections in the book include the meal of the day, as well as properly organized recipes based on your favorite foods. Whether you want to try out a New York cheesecake or a spicy beef with bean chili, you got it covered.

The book gained notoriety for providing less popular recipes. They might look sophisticated at first, but the truth is most of them can be done within half an hour.

#3. The Keto Reset Diet

Mark Sisson has unveiled a plan that can easily boost the metabolism and rush the fat burning process within a few weeks only. The book is based on nothing but scientific facts. It includes recipes that allow you to eat your favorite foods with no concerns regarding your weight. In fact, most of them are designed to match fat burning diets.

Unlike other similar books, The Keto Reset Diet features simple plans that anyone can cook – even complete newbies. It introduces readers to a two-stage approach to healthy eating and fat burning.

A few detailed plans are also included, as well as step by step guidance. In terms of recipes, you have over 100 delicious choices.

#4. Paleo For Beginners: Essentials To Get Started

John Chatham’s book on the paleo diet is aimed at both beginners and more advanced paleo dieters. The author describes the benefits and effects of the paleo diet in the attempt to make it easy to understand and less challenging. The result? Eating healthy, losing fat and gaining extra energy!

The book is quite straightforward and goes to the point. It includes a daily week plan for newbies, as well as a shopping guide. It introduces readers to 145 paleo foods that shouldn’t miss from the kitchen, as well as foods to be avoided.

As for recipes, you have 114 of the easiest and tastiest paleo-friendly choices.

#5. The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook

If you want a classic cocktail of recipes to stay full, satisfy your gourmand profile and burn some fat at the same time, The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook might be the ideal choice. It’s a straightforward book aimed at both amateurs and professionals. Some of the recipes may sound complicated at first because they’re based on many ingredients, but they’re all basic.

There are 75 new pressure cooker recipes for a healthy diet, as well as an efficient fat burning solution. This isn’t Mark Sisson’s first book though, yet it can classify as one of the best paleo cookbooks out there. He obviously knows what he’s writing about.

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Apart from recipes, you have nutritional facts and meal plans to help you stick to the diet in a more efficient manner.


Bottom line, these best paleo cookbooks will certainly aid in your attempt to adopt a healthy diet. Having a few of them in your kitchen will always help when you run out of inspiration.

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