Best Onion Chopper – Pick The Right Product For Your Kitchen

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Best Onion Chopper Reviews – Chopping the vegetables for everyday meal preparation is really boring. It’s now the right time to add fun to the job. You can look for a uniquely designed chopper, which can cut or chop your vegetables within a short time. The best onion chopper is really an ingenious kit to every chef. The chopper enables you to cut any soft or hard vegetables without causing a mess.

Best Onion Chopper – Our Top Picks

We have now reviewed the onion choppers of the most reputed brands. Read more to pick your perfect one!

#1. Alligator Chopper Stainless Steel Construction

alligator best onion chopper

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Alligator has offered a very simple and durable onion chopper, made of stainless steel. The overall construction of the chopper is innovative.

Due to your everyday use, while the system becomes dirty, you can clean it very easily in your dishwasher. The blades of the device have a sharp beveled design, and they are able to chop foods of various types. You do not need to make much effort due to this sharpness of the blades. This is one of the attractive and functional kits, essential in every kitchen.

Simple to operate

The manufacturer has designed the device in a special way for saving your time and energy. The device will be able to cut your foods precisely. To use the device, you have to press the upper part to the downward motion, and this will start the chopping action. The presence of multiple blades makes the task easier. This is also the safer option than to use one knife.

While you are using a knife, the onions can get slipped out of the hands, and you may be injured. However, this best onion chopper prevents you from this issue. You have to open the system and place your onion, carrot, potato or any other vegetable under the grid or blades. Then, press it down to have the chopped vegetables.

Interchangeable blades

There are three blades of different sizes. You can place any of them to cut your raw vegetables. Their size ranges from 1/2” to 1/8”, and you can have the precise dices of your vegetables with this chopper.

The standard or the medium one is best for cutting an onion, while the smallest one (3 x 3mm) is intended for garlic chopping. The knife grid of 12 by12 mm is designed to cut the thick items.

  • Blades and cutting bases are interchangeable.
  • Safer and faster solution.
  • Professional-grade design.

  • Pricey.
  • Cleanup is not easy for some users.

#2. Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper by Mueller

mueller best onion chopper

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Versatile design

Although we have chosen it as the best onion chopper, the device is designed to slice most of the fruits, veggies, and cheese. The manufacturer has claimed that the structure is 30 percent more durable than other similar products. Each of the parts is dishwasher-friendly.

Two 420-grade stainless steel discs to chop the vegetables are really sharp and resilient. There is also a container, included in the package. The chopped parts of the vegetables will get collected in this container. Its capacity is about 1.2l. Mueller has made the device break-resistant, and thus, you can get the value from it for several years.

No onion vapors

Due to the presence of a storage container, you will have no problem while cutting the onions. When you are cutting onions with the knife, your eyes produce tears, and you cannot do the task comfortably. However, with the help of this dicer, you can prevent those tears.

High performance

With one simple motion, you will be able to get the job done. The chopper takes few seconds to chop your vegetables. Your major task is to place the veggies on a blade and cover its lid; then, push it gently. All the slices are now ready to be cooked. The chopper can chop smoothly and beautifully.

Most of the professional chefs have chosen this device for chopping lots of vegetables. However, you may also take it to your camping or picnic site. The package also includes a brush to clean the chopper regularly.

  • Long lasting.
  • BPA free.
  • High-quality blades.
  • Chops all vegetables.

  • Not good for chopping tomatoes or other softer vegetables.

#3. Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper

brieftons best onion chopper

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Easy to chop

Make your regular dicing and chopping process easier. This chopper has reduced your effort with its elegant and systematic construction. Whether it is a ripe tomato or thick vegetable, you can use this device. The blades of the chopper are ultra sharp, and they do the work magically. Moreover, you won’t have tears from the onion. After chopping the vegetables, there will be no mess. The dices are also uniform in shape. For preparing a salad or for frying vegetables, you can use the chopper.


The three blades are made of 420-grade stainless steel, and there is no issue of rust in future. One of the blades (0.25″ square cuts) is intended for dicing the cheese, peppers, onion, and garlic. Another one (0.5″ square cuts) can chop the cucumbers, potatoes or apples. The third design (0.75″ square cuts) is for cutting the beets, tomatoes or celeries.

Double container

All the dices will get locked inside the container. The size of the container is much bigger. For other models, we have seen that it can hold four cups of dices. However, in this case, the capacity is eight cups. You can keep on chopping all the vegetables, and then, empty out the container.

Reliable design

The manufacturer has designed the product with the high-quality ABA plastic, which is impact-resistant and durable. There is no presence of Phthalate, PVC, and BPA. The rubberized handle is soft to grip, and you will be able to manage it at the time of chopping vegetables. The base is also slip-proof and it remains stable while you are cutting vegetables. You can disassemble the system fully, and clean it to remove the scraps.

  • High-quality material for constructing the chopper.
  • Includes a lid for keeping the veggies fresh.
  • Chops everything uniformly.
  • Easy to clean.

  • Tough to cut the larger onions.
  • Small blade plates.


Thus, choose any of these onion choppers for your use. You can slice all other veggies and fruits and save your time. Although it is not electronic, it makes your task easier.

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