What Is The Best Oil For Deep Frying?

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It is a fact that deep-fried foods are loved by all of us even though they may not be healthy. They are a part of several menus, whether of homes or of restaurants despite the fact that deep frying itself is an unhealthy method.

However, doing so at home need not be unhealthy. You can make it a healthy process by choosing the right type of oil. In other words, you should choose the oil having the right kind of fat so that it gives a healthy outcome. Let’s check out this best oil for deep frying.

best oil for deep frying

When it comes to choosing the right deep-frying oil, it is necessary to focus on nutrition and stability. Deep frying involves cooking the oil first to high heat, which is around 160 – 180° Celsius.

Well, there are oils that oxidize at such high temperatures and lose their stability. Such oils are unhealthy, as they release risky free radicals that can trigger a number of ailments such as cancer. Thus, the best oil for deep frying is resistant to being oxidized and getting rancid at such temperatures.

Best Oil for Deep Frying – 3 Ideal Oils

So, how to find this out? Well, you can find out by the relative extent of saturation of the oil’s fatty acids. This requires you to know the number of bonds between their molecules. While saturated fats contain single bonds, polyunsaturated fats have two or over two bonds. Monounsaturated fats contain double bonds.

The bonds of polyunsaturated fats are highly reactive to trigger oxidization. Thus, oils rich in such fats should not be used for deep frying. It is better to go for oils rich in saturated and monounsaturated fats.

While assessing the stability at a high temperature, do also focus on the smoke point, the temperature level that breaks down the oil and results in smoke.

Moreover, the best fat for deep frying is somewhat dissimilar to the right oil for regular cooking or stir-frying. For instance, a little butter is fine for pan frying some potato chips. However, the proteins and sugars in butter tend to burn at a high temperature due to which it is not ideal for deep frying.

1. Coconut Oil

This is an unbelievably stable oil with a smoke point of 204° Celsius for its refined form. It has been proven that deep frying in this oil even for eight hours incessantly does not deteriorate its stability or quality.

More than 90% of fat in this oil is saturated due to which it is highly resistant to heat as well as oxidization. While saturated fats are considered unhealthy, the latest studies show that they are truly harmless. To this, just add the health benefits of this oil.

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2. Olive Oil

There is no doubt that olive oil is a healthy choice. However, did you know that it is also among the best oils for deep frying? It is rich in monounsaturated fat that is significantly resistant to heat.  It has very less amount of saturated and polyunsaturated fats.

As per studies, one can use this oil for more than 24 hours after which it oxidizes slowly. However, the aroma and flavor may not last for such a long time.

3. Peanut Oil

This is one of the most preferred cooking oils due to its tasteless flavor that does not change the flavor of the item cooked in it. When it comes to deep frying, it is a good oil to choose due to a high smoking point and more monounsaturated fat content than saturated and polyunsaturated fats.

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All the three oils are known for their health benefits. They are also the best oils for deep frying due to their high quantities of polyunsaturated fats as well as high smoking points.

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