Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Serve at Party

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Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks – No party or celebration is complete without drinks. However, these drinks do not necessarily have to be alcoholic. From a health perspective, non-alcoholic drinks are the first choice. This is regardless of whether you are at home or in a pub.

best non-alcoholic drinks

Generally, water seems a dull choice, coke is too boring, and virgin cocktails are incredibly costly. So, you are now persuaded to look for some of the best non-alcoholic drinks. You shall also look for the same when there are dry days that you just cannot escape.

Well, there non-alcoholic beverages that are truly refreshing and are versatile enough to be served in different versions. You can choose to serve them as a splash for a cocktail or as a mocktail, they are an extraordinary treat.

5 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Here are the simple but best non-alcoholic drinks or alternatives to try, prepared using ingredients that are readily obtainable or available in pubs.

1. Fresh Lime Soda

The lime and soda blend is the favorite alternative for many fans of non-alcoholic drinks. For those who do not want alcohol or cannot have it due to health issues, a fresh lime soda is a premium choice. No, this is not in terms of cost but in terms of flavor and satisfaction that it gives.

This fresh twist is perhaps a great drink for people of all ages, perhaps due to the tang it has! Even its mojito version is in great demand in any bar!

2. Orange Sprite Punch

Do you like Sprite? Are you a big fan of orange juice? If yes to any of these queries, how about mixing the two flavors? It is worth tasting the resultant flavor of sweet gas and citric acid, which finally can bring a great relief to your stomach too.

The recipe is simple: Mix orange juice and Sprite in equal proportions, pour it in the glass, and mix some ice cubes. That’s it! This is likely to taste like everyone’s beloved, no matter what is the occasion.

3. Tangy Tonic Water

No no! This is not a medical remedy but a refreshing drink that water can give you. Just take up Fentiman’s or Fever Tree and add some cucumber slices, mint leaves, and lime juice to make it tangier.

Not only the taste is reviving but the satiating feel is also lasting. You are also likely to feel somewhat sophisticated.

4. Raspberry Fizz

This is a cheerful drink to consider during parties or celebrations. It is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks for adults. This red color simply adds that festive touch to any event. The flavor of raspberry is mild in this not so too sweet drink.

To make it, just some red grapefruit juice, ice cubes, and raspberry flavoring syrup along with chilled club soda. Combine the juice and syrup and then add ice to the mixture. Finally, serve it by topping with soda. Want to make it more interesting? Add some mint and basil leaves and experience the twist for yourself.

5. Melon Moroccan Mint Tea

Want to serve something completely different and distinct? If yes, try this Moroccan mint tea. To make it, boil water, remove it from the flame, and add green tea bags and 12 mint leaves. Then, cover and soak the mix for five minutes and then remove the bags and leaves. Now, add sugar to it and blend diced honeydew melon. Finally, add ice and tea, and blend it well.

Bottom Line

These drinks can make your occasion truly special and make your guests fully satiating. Try making them and see the difference from yourself. You may never go for an alcoholic drink if you get that exciting punch and flavor.

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