Create Healthy Dishes Using the Best Mediterranean Cookbook – For A Perfect Diet

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Mediterranean dishes are the go-to food for those who seek healthy diet meals. While there are some free Mediterranean recipes on the internet, a cookbook provides more convenience as it offers more direction and organization to the readers. Cuisines such as roasted red pepper hummus and linguine ai Frutti di mare are some of the best foods, one can get out of the best Mediterranean cookbook.

The Best Mediterranean Cookbook – Top 3 Picks

A cookbook’s content may vary depending on the author’s background, so you might want to review some of the books first before buying one. Listed below are some of the best Mediterranean cookbooks.

#1. The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook – America’s Test Kitchen

mediterranean cookbook

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The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, as suggested by the name, is a comprehensive cookbook that covers over 500 recipes of the Mediterranean. The guiding principle of this book was the common ground/commonality of all the places in the Mediterranean area when it comes to high-quality ingredients.

Covering recipes from the Southern European coast (e.g., Spain, France) to the Levantine coast (e.g., Lebanon, Israel) to the Northern African coast (e.g., Egypt, Libya), readers can now make a wide variety of healthy Mediterranean cuisines.

This cookbook is a complete list of healthy diet yet satisfying and exciting recipes. The chapters of this book are based on the shared ingredients of all countries in the Mediterranean, such as vegetables, legumes, grains, seafood, and poultry and meat.

One of the largest chapters is dedicated to vegetables alone and another one is to legumes. If you are worried about the accessibility of the ingredients the authors have provided, then you don’t have to. It was made sure that every bit of ingredients was carefully demystified to let readers know how and where to buy them.

Other Information

This book is also filled with additional information like trivia and facts regarding each recipe. Some of these are nutritional facts; volume and weight conversion charts; and useful guidelines about different ways on how to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into your lifestyle.

There were also educational notes from the chefs of America’s Test Kitchen. This is a definite cookbook that contains everything you need with a bit of extra too. Hence, it is safe to say that this one is the best Mediterranean cookbook yet

About the Author

This cookbook was authored by multiple chefs of America’s Test Kitchen. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the authors are highly reputable and passionate chefs who poured their hearts and minds out to make this one exceptional and comprehensive Mediterranean cookbook.

All 500 recipes of this book were tested first before passing their right to be included. With the reputation and brilliance of the authors, one cannot debate about the legitimacy of “The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook.”

  • 500 Mediterranean recipes.
  • Covers all shared ingredients of the Mediterranean countries.
  • Additional information included (e.g., nutritional facts).
  • Authored by the chefs of America’s Test Kitchen.
  • Visually appealing cookbook.

  • Complaints – inaccessibility of some ingredients listed.

#2. The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners – Rockridge Press

beginner mediterranean cookbook

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The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners: The Complete Guide by Rockridge Press is the best Mediterranean cookbook for individuals who are new to this diet. As this cookbook is made for beginners, all the recipes and ingredients covered are easy. With 40 different recipes, the authors gathered various information and cuisines from the coasts of France, Italy, and Spain.

In this book are 9 different chapters. You will find the recipes starting from Chapter 5, which tackles about recipes for breakfast. Chapter 6 is all about lunch recipes; Chapter 7, snacks; Chapter 8, dinner; and Chapter 9, dessert. For beginners, this cookbook provides enough information to start a healthy dietary plan.

From heart berry breakfast oats and pesto glazed chicken breasts to nutty apple salad and oven poached cod all the way to roasted honey cinnamon apples, everything is well-researched and delectable. All these will entice you to stick to a new healthy lifestyle.

Other Information

Besides the 40 recipe contents of this book, the authors also included some useful information and tips for their avid readers. In Chapter 1, you will find facts and information about the Mediterranean diet.

While on Chapter 2, the authors discussed the healthy benefits of opting for Mediterranean cuisines. Chapter 3 will tackle about how to start this kind of lifestyle and how to be successful, while Chapter 4 includes guides and schedules that you should follow for a successful healthy lifestyle, such as the “seven-day sample meal plan” and “your Mediterranean shopping guide.”

About the Author

The Rockridge Press is the home to reputable and well-known authors of various cookbooks and lifestyle guides. Some of their already published books are The Clean Eating 28-Day, Easy Vegetarian Slow Cooker, Essential Alkaline Diet, Juicing for Beginners, and The Unofficial Recipes of the Hunger Games.

Rockridged Press is located at Berkeley, California, and all authors are passionate about writing books that will inspire and motivate people to start a healthy lifestyle.

  • Easy to follow and cook recipes.
  • Made by reputable authors.
  • 40 different recipes.
  • Simple yet healthy food.
  • Bonus chapters about useful information and tips.

  • Complaints – Not visually appealing.
  • Complaints – Lacking good recipes.

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#3. Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook – Salinas Press

best mediterranean cookbook

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If you are a fan of slow cooked dishes, then this may be the best Mediterranean cookbook for you. Although the Mediterranean culture does not really do the slow cooking, this cookbook is really helpful for those who prefer easy to cook Mediterranean cuisines over a slow cooker.

The Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook features over 100 recipes based from the coasts of Italy, Greece, and Spain.

There are a total of 9 chapters in this book. The first two chapters tackle the additional information and tips regarding slow cooking and Mediterranean cuisines. While the rest of the chapters include various recipes of soups; pasta, grains, and beans; vegetables; seafood; poultry; meat; and desserts.

One excellent thing about this book is that the author purposely made recipes that have easy-to-find ingredients.

Other Information

As aforementioned, the book includes additional information and tips that will help you learn more about slow cooking and Mediterranean cuisines. In Chapter 1, the author will discuss how to maximize the use of a slow cooker, such as tips and techniques when using this countertop, slow cooker safety, and how to wash your slow cooker.

On the other hand, Chapter 2 tackles about the different foods and ingredients associated with Mediterranean cuisine, topics like setting up your own Mediterranean pantry and flavor profiles of the Mediterranean regions.

About the Author

The Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook is authored by multiple professionals under Salinas Press. This publishing company is located at Berkeley, California.

Over the years, they have been writing cookbooks made solely for the purpose of helping readers create a number of enticing and delicious dishes, and some of these books are now bestsellers on Amazon (e.g., The Paleo Cookbook for Kids and The Italian Cookbook for Beginners).

Up to date, the Salina Press is still trusted by many professionals and food enthusiasts.

  • Helpful for slow cookers.
  • Over 100 recipes.
  • Bonus information included – useful information and tips.
  • Varied recipes from soups to desserts.
  • Authored by a reputable publisher – Salinas Press.

  • Strictly for slow-cooked dishes only.
  • Not visually appealing.


All in all, there are a lot of Mediterranean cookbooks that are made for different reasons. For instance, the Mediterranean Diet for Beginners cookbook is great for people who are new to this kind of lifestyle, while the Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook is intentionally made for slow cookers. However, amongst the top 3 best Mediterranean cookbooks, we highly recommend The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook. This cookbook is not only visually appealing but also covers comprehensive Mediterranean cuisines from a wide array of Mediterranean countries.

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