Which Is The Best Marjoram Substitute?

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Marjoram Substitute Alternatives – Marjoram is one of the popular European/Mediterranean herbs that is flowery and woodsy in nature. It is commonly used in therapeutic as well as culinary domains. It is its fragrant leaves that are used even in the dried form.

Its sweet and citrus flavor makes it ideal for seasoning vegetables, African stews, Italian and German sauces, meats, and Turkish salads. In fact, it is one of the essential ingredients in Herbes de Provence, which is a French herbal mix and in Za’atar, which is an Arabian herbal brew.

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Marjoram is flexible enough to mix with several other spices and herbs for seasoning. If you frequently cook European dishes, it is vital to keep sufficient marjoram on hand. However, in case you face its shortage in your kitchen or cannot get it from a local shop, you can try dried marjoram.

Marjoram Substitute – 3 Common Alternatives

In case there is neither dried nor fresh marjoram, there are a few easy to get marjoram substitute options.

1. Oregano

This is perhaps the best substitute, as both oregano and marjoram are from one family, mint. Further, they are used in the same recipes for complementing each other. In terms of flavor, both of them possess a similar profile.

Nevertheless, the flavor of oregano is relatively stronger due to which using two-thirds of the required marjoram quantity prevents you from overwhelming the overall flavor of your dish. For example, one teaspoon of marjoram is equal to the two-third teaspoon of oregano.

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It is ideal to use fresh and dried oregano for fresh and dried marjoram, respectively. Fresh oregano is better although the dried form is also effective. However, both are significantly stronger than marjoram. Of all, the dried oregano is the strongest one. The resemblance is such that a few chefs believe marjoram to be a milder and sweeter form of oregano.

Just remember that oregano is relatively more spicy and pungent. Further, dried oregano has more of these properties than the fresh form.

2. Thyme

Even thyme belongs to the mint family and is used in both fresh and dried forms. It is as flexible and mild as marjoram. Thus, you can easily use it as marjoram substitute for seasoning on vegetable dishes.

Further, the herb is commonly used in the Mediterranean area where marjoram had also originated. So, it is widely used in both the Mediterranean and European cuisines. Above all, both are vital parts of the French Herbes de Provence.

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Several varieties of this herb are available in the market. For substituting marjoram, English as well as French thymes perfect. You can replace the amount of marjoram with the same quantity of thyme.

3. Sage

Being one of the most popular herbs in the United States, sage also belongs to the mint family. This is the basic similarity between sage and marjoram. Next, it has much of the similar pine and citrus tones of marjoram. It is also used extensively in Mediterranean meals for flavoring, especially in recipes related to potatoes and kinds of pasta. An equal quantity of sage can do the magic!


Oregano seems to be the best marjoram substitute. However, other herbs are also reliable substitutes to consider.

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