Which Is The Best Manuka Honey Package For You?

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Best Manuka Honey Products – Honey is known to us for its therapeutic value and delicious taste. However, it is available with different variants, and Manuka Honey is one of them. Harvested only in New Zealand, this honey is better than other ordinary honey. The bees in Manuka bush starts pollination and take the nectar out of the flowers for producing this honey. Different brands have packaged this honey to offer it to the consumers.

Best Manuka Honey – Our Top Picks

We have chosen the best Manuka Honey packages for you. You may check their standards and other qualities.

#1. Kiva Raw Manuka Honey

kiva best manuka honey

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Tested honey

Kiva is one of the certified brands, which apply eco-friendly approaches to provide any product to the consumers. The brand has tested and verified each of the batches. This is a bottle containing 8.8 oz of honey. Quality and purity- these are the major aspects of the best Manuka Honey from Kiva. The brand derives the raw honey, harvested in the forests, hills and different coastal regions in New Zealand.

Highly beneficial

This Kiva honey has the potential of curing lots of diseases, like sore throat, digestive issues and cold and flu. This honey increases your energy level. You may apply it for your beauty treatment or use it to cure the wounds.

Higher UMF value

Unique Manuka Factor- This denotes the honey quality, and the consumers are able to make out whether there is any adulteration in the honey. The low-grade honey has the UMF value, ranging from 5 to 8. However, the UMF16+ indicates the higher quality honey. For Kiva honey, this value is 20, and thus, you will get the best product.

  • Minimally processed honey.
  • Naturally harvested raw honey.
  • Acts as the therapeutic solution.

  • Not applicable for curing the sinus infection.

#2. Manuka Health MGO 400+ 

manuka health honey

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Honey with good MGO value

Just like UMF, MGO is another standard to assess the quality level of the honey. Manuka Health has offered honey that has MGO value of more than 400. You will enjoy honey of good taste and flavor and of genuine color. Moreover, it is a lab tested ISO17025 accredited honey that has no contaminants.

Nutritional value

The brand has shared the nutritional benefits that you get from consuming the honey. There is 1.8mg of sodium and the total carbohydrate amount in the honey is 12gm. For every serving, you can get 45 Cal. You may use the honey as a sweetener of your tea or as one of the ingredients in the smoothies. It is also good to have the raw honey directly without blending it with anything.

  • Good healing power.
  • No need to be refrigerated for storage.
  • Plastic jar- Not breakable.

  • Slightly watery.

#3. Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor

wedderspoon best manuka honey

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Manufactured in New Zealand

It is another indigenous product that has been harvested or produced in New Zealand, and also packed in that country. Thus, you will get the most authentic taste of honey from Wedderspoon.

KF 16 Honey

New Zealand government uses KF to measure the number of pollens, present in the honey jar. The brand makes sure that you will get the most reliable honey as its KF value is 16. The sweet flavor and soft texture – these are the two things that you can get in this honey.

For everyday dosage, you can have one spoon of Wedderspoon Premium honey. The manufacturer has said that this is a GMO-free product, and is thus safe for all the consumers. You may choose it as the daily ingredient for your breakfast.


The container holds 17.6 Oz of unpasteurized honey for you. At a reasonable price, you can get much amount of product from this package.

  • GMO-free.
  • Government approved.
  • Unique taste.

  • UMF value - Not shown in the product package.

#4. Comvita Certified MGO 263+ Manuka Honey

comvita manuka honey

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Certified product

Comvita has offered honey with MGO value 263 and MGO rating 10+. The honey is derived from the Manuka flower nectars, found in New Zealand forest. This raw honey is packaged in a safe jar, made of BPA free materials. You can safely consume the honey without any health issue. Buy this kosher certified product from Comvita.

Beneficial for your health

While you are consuming the best Manuka Honey of Comvita, you will have a stronger immune system and better digestive ability. You may also consume it to reduce your coughs. This honey acts as the best ingredient in the yogurt, toast, and tea. You can warm it up for softening the content.

  • Honey with better consistency.
  • Source of energy.
  • Approved product.

  • Highly pricey.


Thus, buy the best Manuka Honey after reading our review. It’s really nutritious to consume this type of honey every day. You now have four great options to choose from. Our top pick is the Kiva Manuka Honey, but you don’t have to agree with our choice. Just choose your own favorite one.